37 corny but funny puns to brighten your day

FUNNY PUNSDo you enjoy funny puns, dear reader? Those wordplay jokes and one-liners just make you smile, regardless of how corny they may be.

I love clever wordplay, so I’ve curated another batch in the hope that they’ll brighten your day. You might groan at one or two, but I’m confident that some of them will tickle you.

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Funny Puns (1-12):

  1. He who laughs last didn’t get it.
  2. Eat doughnuts. The original hole food.
  3. Frog parking only. All others will be toad.
  4. Dental X-rays should be called tooth pics.
  5. Mountains aren’t funny. They’re hill areas.
  6. I have a chicken-proof lawn. It’s impeccable.
  7. Dogs can’t operate MRI scanners but CATscan.
  8. Due to quarantine, I’m only doing inside jokes.
  9. Procrastination is a dish best served eventually.
  10. I was mugged by six dwarves today. Not Happy!
  11. What happens if you’re scared half to death, twice?
  12. My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet that cleans itself.

Funny Puns (13-24):

  1. I’m so terrified of elevators I take steps to avoid them.
  2. We saw a baguette in the zoo. It was bread in captivity.
  3. If you suck at playing the trumpet, that’s probably why.
  4. If I stole someone’s coffee, would I be guilty of mugging?
  5. I’m searching for fish jokes. If you have any, let minnow.
  6. Plagiarism is getting in trouble for something you didn’t do.
  7. If you’re buying smart water for $5 a bottle, it isn’t working.
  8. I’ve quit my job on the coffee plantation. Bean there, done that.
  9. My wife said the tea I made was terrible. Her criticism was brewtal.
  10. I held the door open for a clown, which I thought was a nice jester.
  11. The problem with political jokes is that sometimes they get elected.
  12. It was a terrible summer for Humpty Dumpty but he had a great fall.

Funny Puns (25-37):

  1. If you’re cold, sit in the corner, it’s 90 degrees. Now that’s acute joke.
  2. The inventor of the knock-knock joke has been awarded a no-bell prize.
  3. In the frosty field, the cows are Friesian. Stop me if you’ve herd this one.
  4. I’m having my hair done today by a Jamaican hairdresser. I’m dreading it.
  5. If a wife denies her husband his morning coffee, is that grounds for divorce.
  6. When you’re swimming in the sea and an eel bites your knee, that’s a Moray.
  7. Never, ever do anything you wouldn’t want to have to explain to paramedics.
  8. My husband left me to become an astronaut. He said I didn’t give him enough space.
  9. Singing in the shower is fun until you get shampoo in your mouth. Then it’s a soap opera.
  10. At Medical School, I considered specialising in proctology until I realised it was a bum job.
  11. Restaurant diner’s in hospital, having been served horse meat. Doctor says he’s in a stable condition.
  12. The guy told me he was a wealthy businessman. Turns out he was just an electrician. I was shocked.
  13. ME: Why are all the cakes 50 cents, except that one which is a dollar? BAKER: That’s Madeira cake.

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33 Corny puns and funny jokes to cheer someone up

33 Corny puns and funny jokes to cheer someone upWe live in difficult times and we all face so many pressures. When our friends are down we try to lift their spirits. And for that, it helps if we have a few Corny puns and funny jokes to cheer someone up.

Well today, I’ve curated another 33 gems just for you, dear reader.

At least I think they’re gems. So I hope they’ll make you laugh too. You might mind some of them a bit too corny but a few of them might just tickle you.

Enjoy them and don’t forget to share them too.

Funny jokes to cheer someone up: (1-11)

  1. Nothing tops plain pizza.
  2. A dyslexic guy walks into a bra.
  3. Dad, are we pyromaniacs? Yes, we arson.
  4. Seven days of fasting will make one weak.
  5. What do you call a hippy’s wife? Mississippi.
  6. I tried eating a clock but it was time-consuming.
  7. I wanted to be a monk but I never got the chants.
  8. Autocorrect makes me say things I didn’t Nintendo.
  9. I was never a fan of San Andreas. It’s not my fault.
  10. Dead batteries cost nothing. They’re free of charge.
  11. The girl in the middle of the tennis court is Annette.

Funny jokes to cheer someone up: (12-22)

  1. Ask yourself if it’s wise to eat at Sam and Ella’s diner?
  2. Cemetery raises prices and blames it on the cost of living.
  3. I will start collecting highlighting pens. Mark my words.
  4. I never finish anything. I have a black belt in partial arts.
  5. My dogs are called Rolex and Breitling. They’re watchdogs.
  6. What does the pizza man use to cut his hair? Little Caesars.
  7. I pulled a muscle digging for gold. It was just a miner injury.
  8. What do you call a cow that can’t give milk? An udder failure.
  9. Water’s heavier than Butane because Butane is a Lighter fluid.
  10. When a wolf is taught to meditate, does it become aware wolf?
  11. I started an online bakery but I accidentally deleted all my cookies.

Funny jokes to cheer someone up: (23-33)

  1. funny-jokes-to-cheer-someone-upLego store re-opens after lockdown. People stand in line for blocks.
  2. Why do ghosts like to ride in elevators? Because it lifts their spirits.
  3. My daughter wants to study burrowing rodents. I told her to gopher it.
  4. I’m reading a book called “Quick Money for Dummies” by Robin Banks.
  5. I wanted a career as a fisherman, but I couldn’t live on the net income.
  6. If you wear a facemask and glasses, you may be entitled to condensation.
  7. Beauty School student misses classes. She’s forced to make up the makeup test.
  8. If two meth-heads start a relationship are they “speed dating” or just “mething around”.
  9. My wife said she’d leave me if I made up any more puns about The Monkees. I thought she was joking. Then I saw her face …..
  10. DOCTOR: Nurse, what’s the status on the boy who swallowed a coin? NURSE: Still no change, Doctor.
  11. Dear Algebra, Please stop asking me to find your X. She’s not coming back and don’t ask Y.

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