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Photo © Samantha WatkinsHello I’m Roy Sutton. Professionally I’m a blogger and digital entrepreneur, as well as a business consultant, writer and public speaker.

My main interests include business, marketing, social media and technology. I’m also keen on inspiring others to make the most of their lives and achieve their full potential.

London based, I’m a former CEO with extensive experience in using digital and social media for marketing purposes. My background also includes business development; sales and marketing; retail and customer services; operations; finance and accounting; governance and regulation; billing and CRM systems; mergers and acquisitions; as well as telecommunications and systems engineering.

My career has mostly been spent in the international telecommunications industry working with telecom operators across the globe. I have lived and worked extensively across the Middle East, as well as in the Caribbean Region. And I have been fortunate enough to travel to and experience over 70 countries worldwide.

I’ve been a listening volunteer with Samaritans for many years, providing support to people who are emotionally distressed and often suicidal.

My life experiences, both professional and in voluntary work, have given me a unique understanding of people and culture.

Like most people, of course, I’ve had a formal education and I have various qualifications to show for it. These include degrees in both Electronic Engineering and Spanish and Latin American Studies, as well as an MBA in International Business. However, nothing has been more useful to me nor increased my value and earning potential more than my own self-education and what I’ve learned at the University of Life, School of Hard Knocks. Successfully graduating from life’s toughest school and absorbing its many lessons is the education I value more than any other. 

Amongst those lessons, what it has taught me is that learning is a life-long process. So  I remain a work in progress. I’m still learning something new every day and I hope that will continue for as long as I have the energy to pick up a book.

And my personal philosophy? You’ll never have today again, so enjoy it!

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If you’d like me to speak at an event or participate in an interview then please feel free to contact me directly via email on mail@roysutton.co.uk

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