5 funny jokes you can tell your colleagues at an office party

5 FUNNY JOKES YOU CAN TELL YOUR COLLEAGUESIf you’re looking for some funny jokes you can tell your colleagues at an office party then you’ve come to the right place, dear reader.

Today, I offer you five great jokes and I’m confident you’ll enjoy them all.

So take a few moments for a little comic relief and please feel free to pass them on to your friends.

Funny jokes you can tell your colleagues:

1. Buying a parrot:

Jerry’s wife decided she’d like a parrot for a pet as a birthday gift and of course, she wanted one that could talk.

Naturally, Jerry knows it’s essential to keep his wife happy if he’s to have an easy life, but he doesn’t want to spend too much money on an exotic bird.

However, he hears about an auction where exotic birds are being traded and he thinks this might be just the place to purchase a parrot at a reasonable price.

So Jerry arrives at the auction room and immediately spots a parrot with a reserve price of $100.

That looks perfect,” he thinks.

So bidding starts and they get to the $100 reserve price quickly and bidding is with Jerry at the $100. He thinks the bird is his when suddenly a mystery bidder says $120.

Having the price pushed up at the last minute is an irritation but Jerry is determined to get this bird for his wife.

So Jerry shouts, “$150!” but the mystery bidder then responds, “$200!

Jerry is even more determined now and he decides he’ll go on up to a maximum of $500. He thinks to himself, “If I can’t get it for that price then I will just have to withdraw from the bidding.

So Jerry and the mystery bidder continue their contest and the price continues to soar until it reaches $500.

The auctioneer says, “Do I have any advance of $500? OK, fair warning. Going once…….

It looks like Jerry’s got it at $500, and he waits with bated breath as the auctioneer says, “Going twice…..

There’s no further bid from the mystery bidder.

Sold!” says the auctioneer.

Jerry breathes a sigh of relief.

As he’s paying for the bird Jerry says to the auctioneer, “I hope this parrot can talk. My wife would kill me if she knew I’ve paid this much money for a parrot only to find it can’t talk.”

The auctioneer smiles at Jerry as he says, “Yes, of course, he can talk. Who do you think was bidding against you?

2. Get knotted:

Three strings walk into a bar.

The bartender takes one look at them and says, “Sorry, but no strings are allowed in here.”

With that, they’re all ejected from the bar.

One string gets an idea and ties a knot at one end. Then it returns to the bar and asks for a beer.

The bartender looks at this string suspiciously and then says, “Wait a minute, you’re a string.”

The string is promptly ejected from the bar again.

Whilst this is going on, the second string gets an idea. It frays one end and then goes back into that bar and asks for a beer.

The bartender is just about to serve the beer but then says, “Wait a minute, you’re a string.

With that, the second string is ejected.

Whilst all this has been going on, the third string has had time to really think about the best solution.

As the second string is being ejected, the third string frays both ends and then ties itself into a large knot. It then walks back into the bar and requests a beer.

The bartender gets the beer but he’s still a little suspicious. He looks closely and then asks, “Are you sure you’re not a string?

The third string looks him in the eye and then says, “Nope, I’m a frayed knot.”

3. Pelican’s bill:

A pelican walks into a bar and sits down.

What can I get you?” the bartender asks.

I’ll have a Jack Daniel’s on the rocks,” the pelican responds.

The bartender serves the drink, and the pelican strikes up a conversation with others sitting at the counter,

Half an hour later the pelican, suitably refreshed, gets up, ready to leave.

That’ll be $6.50,” says the bartender. “How will you pay? Cash or card?

Looking slightly embarrassed, the pelican hands over a $100 note and then says, “Sorry for the big bill!

4. The bank robbery:

A man with a shotgun and a scarf covering the lower half of his face bursts into a branch of Bank of America.

Freeze! No one moves!” he shouts.

He hands a large leather bag to a teller and says, “Fill it with cash and you won’t get hurt.

The teller complies with his demand but as he grabs the cash-filled bag from her, the scarf slips briefly to reveal his face. Quickly he pulls it back into position.

However, panicked that a witness may have seen his face he starts interrogating the customers.

Pointing his gun at a couple standing nearby the bank robber growls at the man, “Did you see my face, because if you did I will shoot you dead?

No, I didn’t see your face”, the man says hesitantly.

Are you sure?” says the bank robber.

Absolutely”, says the man, “but I’m fairly certain my wife got a good look at you.

5. The lawyer at the Pearly Gates:

A lawyer dies and finds himself standing at the Pearly Gates in front of St Peter.

St Peter looks at him and then says, “You’re a lawyer. I’m afraid you cannot enter here. There’s a place down below reserved for you.

However, using all his courtroom know-how the lawyer pleads his case until eventually, St Peter agrees to reconsider.

OK this is what I’ll do”, says St Peter. “You’ll spend the same amount of time in Hell as you did on Earth and then you can spend the rest of eternity up here in heaven.

Fair enough”, the lawyer responds.

Right then”, says St Peter, “we’ll see you again in three hundred and seventy-five years.

Just a minute St Peter, what do you mean by three hundred and seventy-five years?” says the lawyer, “I’m only sixty-two!”

Yes, I know that”, says St Peter, “but up here we go by billing hours.

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