4 funny story jokes that might just tickle you

funny story jokesFunny story jokes always get a great response from readers. So today I offer you a batch of four of them, which I hope you’ll find amusing.

They all made me smile, so I hope at least one or two of these funny story jokes might just tickle you

Enjoy them all.

Funny story jokes:

1. The hospital visits:

Following his inauguration, newly elected US President, Joe Biden is visiting a local hospital in Washington DC.

Naturally he’s wearing a facemask in these COVID-troubled times but he’s determined to meet as many patients as possible, regardless of their ailments.

As he’s walking around the hospital, he eventually arrives at old Charlie’s bed.

Hello there buddy,” says the President, “what’s wrong with you?”

I’ve got an enormous boil on my ass,” old Charlie responds, “and I’m here to have it lanced.

Looking a little embarrassed the President smiles at Charlie, then quickly moves on to the next patient.

As soon as he’s out of earshot, the nurse scolds old Charlie for his comment to the President, “Now that wasn’t very diplomatic of you Charlie, was it? He didn’t need the detail. You could just have said you had a bad back.”

The following day, the newly elected Vice President, Kamala Harris, is visiting the same hospital.

As she’s walking around, she arrives at old Charlie’s bed.

And how are you today?” the Vice President asks warmly with a smile.

Oh, I’ve got a bad back,” says old Charlie.

Oh dear,” the Vice President responds sympathetically. “What with that enormous boil on your ass, you’re not having much luck are you?

2. The Sunday service:

It was a Sunday morning and the pastor noticed little Johnny standing in the foyer of the church staring up at a large plaque. It was covered with a list of names and bearing symbols in the form of American flags in each corner.

The seven-year-old had been staring at this plaque for some time when the pastor walked up and said, “Hello, Johnny.”

Good morning reverend,” Johnny responded. “Can you tell what this is meant to be?

Well son,” said the pastor, “that’s a memorial to those young men and women who died in service.”

Really?” said Johnny. “Which service, the 8 o’clock or the 10.30?”

3. The construction site:

A group of guys working on a construction site were all sitting around drinking coffee and moaning about how their boss still owed them for the last big job.

One of the guys was talking on a cellphone and his colleagues couldn’t help but listen to him talking

“$1,000?” they heard him say. “Honey, that’s no problem. If you like the coat, go ahead and buy it.

A few moments pass and the conversation continues.

You want a new BMW?” he continued. “It’s $125,000? That’s fine but make sure you get it fully loaded with all the extras.”

His workmates were looking at each other, thinking how surprisingly generous this guy was being, and wondering how he could afford it all anyway.

Then they heard him say, “It’s now on the market, really? How much is it? $950,000? Go ahead but offer $900,000 and see what they say.”

Staring in disbelief, his workmates looked at him as he terminated his call.

He looked at them all, smiled and then said, “Tell the boss I’ve found his cellphone, his wife called and I quit.

4. The golfing accident:

Jack is on a golfing holiday, and he manages to overturn his golf cart accidentally whilst playing a quick 18 holes.

Olivia, a stunningly attractive woman and a keen golfer herself, lives in a villa right next to the golf course, and she hears Jack shouting for help.

Without hesitation, but dressed only in a flimsy bathrobe, she rushes out through her garden gate on to the golf course, to assist.

Are you okay?” asks Olivia as she tries to help, “What’s your name.”

I’m Jack,” he responds, as he manages to crawl out from beneath the gold cart. “I’m a bit bruised but otherwise I’m fine.”

Jack couldn’t help notice how beautiful Olivia was and he couldn’t take his eyes off her, as she said to him, “Look, Jack, you may have some hidden injuries. Come back to my villa and rest for a while. I’ll help you turn the golf cart over later.

That’s really kind of you,” says Jack, “but I don’t think my wife would be happy if I did that.

Oh, nonsense,” Olivia responded warmly, “your wife won’t mind.”

Olivia was so attractive with such a warm and friendly nature that Jack quickly weakened and said, “Well, if you’re sure.”

As they sat in Olivia’s living room, she offered Jack a restorative Scotch and Water and then they chatted for a while.

An hour went by, but eventually Jack thanked Olivia, saying, “I feel a lot better now but my wife will be really upset, so it’s best if I go now.”

Oh, don’t be silly,” Olivia responded with a smile. “Your wife won’t even know you’ve been here. By the way, where is she?

Probably still under the golf cart, I would guess,” Jack says sheepishly.

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