30 really unhelpful things to say in a crisis

UNHELPFUL THINGS TO SAY IN A CRISISIn times of crisis, our friends and loved ones need our sympathy and support. They don’t need stupid, inane, or thoughtless comments that don’t help.

Often, we feel we’ve got to say something, and in responding to silence, we often say things that are unhelpful to fill the void. Such comments may seem funny later, but at the time, they don’t help.

So in times of crisis, if you can’t say something supportive, it’s probably better to remain silent and allow your friend, a loved one, or even your boss a little time to think through the problem and focus on a potential solution.

Nevertheless, unhelpful things said in a crisis can be amusing, so here are some things best not said. I hope they amuse you, dear reader.

Unhelpful things to say in a crisis:

  1. You must have done something terrible in another life.
  2. I told you so.
  3. It can only get better.
  4. Just calm down; stuff happens.
  5. If only you hadn’t done that.
  6. I’m sensing a bit of tension. Have I done something to upset you?
  7. That shouldn’t happen, should it?
  8. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.
  9. You’ll laugh about this one day.
  10. Jeez, you’ve got a real problem there.
  11. Now, that was a really serious mistake.
  12. I guess it’s not a good time to ask for a pay raise.
  13. Didn’t you say you hadn’t renewed the insurance policy?
  14. Statistically speaking, this doesn’t happen very often.
  15. 30 really unhelpful things to say in a crisisDon’t you just hate it when that happens?
  16. Does this mean our date’s off tonight?
  17. Oh well, mistakes can be valuable learning experiences.
  18. You can always draw a line under it and move on.
  19. What does Google say?
  20. Was that really expensive?
  21. Some people would love to be where we are right now.
  22. However bad it may be, it could be worse.
  23. When life gives you lemons, you can always make lemonade.
  24. That’s incredible. You wouldn’t have thought that was possible.
  25. I couldn’t cope with what you’re going through right now.
  26. When I think of situations like yours, I count my blessings.
  27. God wouldn’t give you more than you could handle.
  28. Did you know that the probability of that happening was about a trillion to one?
  29. There are people in this world with more problems than you have right now.
  30. When I see a situation like yours, I realize that, but for the grace of God, that could be me.

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