17 cheesy jokes guaranteed to raise a smile

CHEESY JOKESOnce again I’ve been surfing the Internet looking for humour and smiles.

On this occasion, I was looking for cheesy jokes.

So here are 17 cheesy jokes I found that should make you smile today I hope.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t identify the authors but should you be one of them please let me know and I will add a suitable credit and link to your work.

Cheesy jokes:

  • What happens when the smog lifts over Los Angeles? 
  • UCLA 


  • Which US State has the smallest soft drinks? 
  • Mini-soda 


  • Where do pencils go for vacation? 
  • Pencil-vania


  • What do you call an unpredictable, out-of-control photographer?
  • A loose Canon


  • What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay? 
  • A Bagel 


  • Where do Volkswagens go when they get old? 
  • The Old Volks home!


  • What did the fisherman say to the magician? 
  • Pick a cod, any cod!


  • Why couldn’t the sesame seed leave the casino?
  • Because he was on a roll 


  • Why did the poor man sell yeast? 
  • To raise some dough


  • How do snails fight? 
  • They slug it out


  • Why did Johnny throw the clock out of the window? 
  • Because he wanted to see time fly! 


  • What did the cat say after eating two robins lying in the sun? 
  • I just love baskin’ robins


  • What do lawyers wear to court? 
  • Lawsuits! 


  • Why did the man put his money in the freezer? 
  • He wanted cold hard cash!


  • What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? 
  • I don’t know and I don’t care. 


  • How does NASA organize a party?
  • They planet


  • What do you call four bullfighters standing in quicksand? 
  • Quattro Sinko 

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