3 Really funny jokes to tell your friends today

FUNNY JOKES TO TELL YOUR FRIENDSIf you want people to like you then always have a funny joke to make them laugh. Here are some very funny jokes to tell your friends today.

They all made me laugh and I hope they’ll make you and your friends laugh too.

Enjoy them all.

Funny jokes to tell your friends:

1. The infected thumb:

Bill’s away from home on a business trip and, as he’s on expenses, he decides he’ll have a nice three-course meal in a restaurant.

He takes his seat at the table, exchanges a little conversation with the waitress, places his order and then relaxes with a glass of red wine waiting for his food to arrive.

It’s not long before the waitress brings him a nice, warm bowl of clam chowder with crackers. However, he can’t help but notice that her thumb is sticking in the chowder. He’s not happy but he lets it go.

A little later, the waitress arrives with a plate filled with delicious Spaghetti Carbonara but once again, her thumb is immersed in the spaghetti. Again, Bill’s not happy but he lets it go.

Then as he’s looking forward to his dessert, the waitress returns with some hot apple pie, but once again her thumb is sticking in Bill’s food.

Mam”, says Bill angrily, “every time you bring my food your thumb’s sticking in it. Why is that?

Oh I am so sorry sir”, the waitress responds, “but my thumb has an infection and my doctor says I must keep it warm and moist at all times.

Disgusted by what he’s hearing, Bill snaps angrily, “Well, why don’t you just stick it up your ass?

Sheepishly the waitress replies, “Where do you think I’ve been putting it when I’m in the kitchen?

2. The fishing trip:

Four married men are going on a weekend fishing trip.

They’re exchanging banter in the car on the way to the lake when Jim says, “Guys, you’ve no idea what I had to do to persuade my wife to agree to me joining you on this trip. I’ve had to promise to redecorate the living room and our bedroom next weekend.

That’s nothing”, says Mike. “I had to promise my wife that I would build a new deck around the pool area next weekend.

You both had it easy”, says Ed. “I had to promise my wife that I’d buy her a new kitchen, as well as pay for her to go fashion shopping in Milan, Italy with her friends next summer.

They carry on down the highway laughing and joking, but then they realize their friend Vic has yet to say anything.

Hey Vic”, says Jim, “what did you have to do to get the green light to come with us on this fishing weekend?

Not much really”, says Vic, “I just set the alarm for 5.30 am. When it went off, I tapped my wife on the shoulder and said, ‘will you make love with me or should I go fishing?’ to which she responded, ‘take a warm sweater with you, dear.’”

3. The well and the goat:

Two friends, Bert and Mack were out walking one day when they came across an old abandoned well.

Naturally, they were curious as to how deep this well might be, so they dropped a stone down it and listened for the sound of the stone hitting the bottom. But they didn’t hear anything.

So they found a much larger rock and then dropped that down the well but still, they didn’t hear anything.

Clearly, this was a very deep well and they needed something much, much bigger if they were going to hear anything at all.

So Bert and Mack searched around for a while and eventually they found a section of railroad track leaning up against a wall.

This’ll be perfect”, said Bert.

So between them, they lifted this heavy piece of cast iron and with great effort managed to carry back to the well and drop it down the hole.

As they stood back to listen, a goat suddenly flashed past their eyes and went straight down the well too.

Bert and Mack were still recovering from the shock resulting from what they’d just seen when a farmer appeared.

Have you boys seen a goat?” asked the farmer.

Yes”, said Mack, “a goat has just jumped down this well.”

No, that couldn’t have been my goat”, said the farmer. “Mine was tethered to a heavy length of railroad track.

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