Don’t Quit, Keep Going

How often do people quit when with a little more effort or a few more steps they would have achieved their goal? I have no scientific data to back up my conclusion but I suspect it happens quite a lot. Certainly from anecdotal evidence I have, from talking to people I know, this is the case. People start out on a project or goal with enthusiasm and they think it’s all going to be easy. Then it proves to be a bit harder than they imagined so they quit. How sad! Nothing worth having is ever easy to gain. There’s a price to be paid, part of which is blood, sweat and tears. However you can succeed and people do, all the time. So if other people can succeed, why not you? Decide on your goal, pursue it with determination and energy, and if it all starts to get a bit hard, just don’t quit until you get to where you want to be in life. Don’t quit and you can succeed; quit and you won’t.

In documenting this observation I was reminded of a memorable and thought-provoking verse by the late Robert Service, the so called ‘Bard of the Yukon’. It’s called The Quitter and it’s reprinted here :-

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