Poem for the bereaved and remembering loved ones lost

I Not long ago, I attended the funeral of a friend. This experience got me thinking about the nature of death, and so I wrote a poem for the bereaved.

I hope the words in the poem will offer comfort to those experiencing the distress of losing a loved one. I know from personal experience, few things in life are harder to bear.

Losing a loved one leaves a hole in our lives that can never be filled. So, it’s always a shock, however much it’s expected. Suddenly that person has gone, and we’d give anything to spend a few more minutes with them, if only to say all the things we wish we’d said. 

Certainly, it takes time and a period of adjustment before we gradually learn to cope without them. 

We never get over losing someone, of course, but we do learn to live with it over time. That’s the nature of human existence. We adapt to our circumstances, and we learn to cope as best we can. 

It’s that feeling that our loved one’s gone that’s the hardest part to bear, or so it seems.

With death, naturally, we think in terms of a loved one having gone. However, as I sat there in the chapel, I realised that death is only the release of someone’s spirit, and that spirit will always be there, floating somewhere in the breeze.

If we close our eyes and think of them, they’ll always be there in our mind’s eye, smiling at us. 

Knowing we can always see them in this way is a great comfort, I believe. Certainly, it is for me.

Life’s hard, and one of the saddest things about getting older is the frequency with which we find ourselves attending funerals. However, if we’ve been lucky enough to know good people, then just knowing we have a way of seeing them again is reassuring to me.

Poem for the bereaved:

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