Why should I be positive?

People with positive attitudes make better employees, better friends and better mates.~Michael Josephson

Attitude is a subject I return to frequently. And I do that because from experience I know it matters.

You may think having an attitude is a good thing. Perhaps it is if you want to make it as a rock star. However in just about every other situation in life it won’t work for you.

No employer will be impressed by someone with a negative attitude. No employer will be keen to hire someone with a negative attitude.

Most hiring managers have enough problems to deal with each day without adding to them by hiring someone with a chippy attitude.

And if you’re seeking to make new friends or form a relationship then again you’re unlikely to impress anyone if you have a negative attitude.

Why would anyone want to have their life burdened by a friend or a partner with an attitude problem?

Life is hard enough for most people without them having to put up with someone who is high maintenance because of their attitude.

I can tell you this; your life will be much, much better if you start developing a positive attitude.

Fail to do that and your life is unlikely to be very enjoyable at all. The choice is yours.

Your life will be what you choose to make it.

It’s true, it won’t be perfect. It’s true, you’ll have bad times, as well as good. Everyone does. However if you’re positive, it’ll be easier on your nerves, at least.

Look for the positive in every situation. There’s always something positive there, however small.

So go out, be positive and it will take you further than you might imagine I promise you.

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