10 original Limerick poems for your entertainment

Limerick-PoemsToday I’ve written 10 Limerick poems just for you, dear reader. They’re all original and written by me. I hope you enjoy them all.

Limerick Poems:

  • An intrepid young Scouser named Will
  • Travelled to Manaus in Brazil
  • In a bar for his lunch
  • He was served a fruit punch
  • By a Liverpool girl called Jill
  • There was a good Catholic from Gwent
  • Who gave up smoking for Lent
  • The days went by
  • With not a smoke on the sly
  • And a great deal of money not spent
  • Amusing LimerickA munitions expert called Tom
  • Was dispatched to defuse an old bomb
  • He approached it with care
  • Tension filling the air
  • But he completed his task with aplomb
  • An Irish lad named Buchanan
  • Agreed to be shot from a cannon
  • From the cannon, he burst
  • Then he landed head first
  • In a cowpat the size of Dungannon
  • An Italian gent named Ricardo
  • Had a crush on Brigitte Bardot
  • He was in a bazaar
  • In Morocco’s Kasbah
  • And there she was in a bar called Farrago
  • There was an old lady named Mo
  • Who drove her car really slow
  • No one asked why
  • They didn’t like to pry
  • And nor did they need to know
  • Amusing LimerickThere was a young girl named Miranda
  • Sat on her mother’s veranda
  • Studying Lenin and Marx
  • Before she embarks
  • On her life spreading propaganda
  • There was a young guy called Phillipe
  • At work, he kept falling asleep
  • In the afternoon he would snore
  • Behind a closed door
  • Whilst the clock towards five it would creep
  • A girl from Yorkshire called Jean
  • Had a reputation for being a bit mean
  • Before going to bed
  • She’d eat two slices of bread
  • With cheap luncheon meat in between
  • In Jamaica, a fella called Jimbo
  • Volunteered to dance the limbo
  • He gave it his best
  • The crowd was impressed
  • And he pulled an attractive young bimbo

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