Building personal branding for success

Building personal branding for successPersonal branding says something about you. And personal branding for success is something which you should take seriously if your aim is to be successful.

How you present yourself to the world is being judged all the time and people will draw conclusions about you based simply on their perception of you and how you look.

That may not seem fair but in my experience, it’s almost always true. And reputations can often be built largely based on other peoples’ perception of you.

So, is personal branding something that matters to you dear reader?

In your opinion, does it matter what you look like; how you dress; how you speak; or what people see in your digital footprint on social media and elsewhere? Certainly, it should do.

What do you think? Does your reputation matter to you?

Perhaps you believe that the only thing that really matters is the quality of the work that you do?

If that’s true then you may not see the need to worry about your personal branding.

However, I can assure you, you really are being judged all of the time, whether you like it or not.

The importance of personal branding:

Think about it for one moment. Now, how often have you walked into an open plan office area looking for a manager you’ve not met and yet you have no trouble spotting who he or she is, immediately?

Building personal branding for successYou just can’t miss them, can you? There’s just something about them that says, ‘I am the manager!‘ Well, that’s personal branding.

It’s the same thing with social media.

How you conduct yourself within your digital footprint will speak volumes about you and it will have an impact on how you’re perceived by others.

A silly remark on social media about other people or the latest news can prove very costly and may have implications in future years because it could suggest something about your judgement, or lack of it.

Jobs have been lost and people have been forced to resign over ill-judged comments made on social media, often many years before.

So you have to ask yourself, do I really want to be successful in my chosen field?

If you do then you must ensure that your personal branding is consistent with your ambition. To be the one, you must look like the one, in every respect.

You must also promote yourself in the right way, at every opportunity.

Self-promotion is important because it’s all about selling yourself and making sure you’re perceived by the world in the way you’d prefer to be perceived.

If you don’t sell yourself and create the right image for yourself then no one else is going to do it for you, that’s for sure. Constantly working on your personal branding must be part of your strategy for achieving success.

The good news is that with WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and other social media channels, it’s never been easier to promote yourself, create the right image, build relationships and tell the world what it is you have to offer.

So the obvious question now is, where do you start on building a personal brand?

Building a personal brand:

In the video below, recorded at TEDxCMU 2011, Jacob Cass presents some interesting and useful ideas as to how you can go about building your personal brand.

This video will provide you with some useful tips and it’s well worth watching.

Further Reading:

One video cannot cover this topic comprehensively, of course, so you might like to consider adding a reference book on the subject to your personal reference library.

Here are three that are worthy of your consideration:-

  1. Introduction To Personal Branding: Ten Steps Toward A New Professional You by Mel Carson
  2. Personal Branding For Dummies by Susan Chritton
  3. KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age by Mark Schaefer

You can take a look at each of them by clicking on the appropriate link. Why not take a look right now whilst it’s all fresh in your mind? I hope they prove useful to you.

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