The advantages of self-employment

ubran peopleThere are many advantages to being self-employed. Not having to deal with office politics is a big advantage. And of course being the beneficiary of all of the proceeds of your efforts is another good reason. Instead of making a lot of money for other people, you make it all for yourself. Unless you’re a lawyer or an investment banker, the chances are the only way you’ll make serious money is through your own business. You might think that if you’re self-employed then you are your own boss. Well that’s not true. The customer is the boss. Serve the customer badly and you won’t be serving him or her for very long, that’s for sure. So the first rule of business is that you must ‘know thy customer’. You must gain a deep understanding of the products, services and marketing that will appeal to your target niche. One size will not fit all and each market requires a different approach. Going into business is not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to work very hard, at least in the early days. However, if you can provide your target customers with real solutions to real problems then you can make real money. If someone else is already offering a solution then your solution must be better than theirs if it is to sell. Creating great products and offering great customer service is the route to business success. However never forget your reputation and image. Make sure you create an image that will appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Running your own business will be a challenge but it can also be extremely rewarding.

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