5 ways to kill your dreams

5 WAYS TO KILL YOUR DREAMSI’m sure you must have dreams and goals, dear reader. After all, most people do. However, how often do people fail to realise their dreams? How often do dreams and projects simply never happen? Why is that?

Well in the thought-provoking TED video included here, Bel Pesce suggests how not to follow your dreams. She gives five reasons why you’ll fail if you adopt the wrong approach.

Bel Pesce’s observations relate to the beliefs people hold in relation to how success is achieved. In her view, those erroneous beliefs are as follows:-

5 ways to kill your dreams:

1. Believe in overnight success

We see someone successful but we don’t see their back story. They appear to have gained their success overnight, when in fact it was down to years of hard work mastering their craft first.

No one succeeds without years of hard work first. Nothing happens by accident. It’s all down to determination, grit and an insatiable desire for success.

Opportunity may come overnight, but you have to be well-prepared to grab that opportunity when you see it. Being prepared means mastering your craft.

2. Believe someone else has the answers for you

It’s your life, and no one else knows you and your life better than you.

You need to find your own way, in your own time. In finding a way, it must be a way that suits you well and one with which you feel truly comfortable.

No one else has the perfect answers that will be a good fit with your life.

3. Believe you can settle when growth is guaranteed

It can be amazing just how many people will stop and settle once they’ve reached a goal they’d set for themselves. They get to a point where they think, it’s OK now.

And yet, OK is never OK.

When you reach a peak, you must find the next peak, if you are to continue to grow and sustain success.

4. Believe the fault is down to someone else

If you have a dream, it’s all down to you to find a way to make it happen. You find a way or you make a way. And you never accept No for an answer, unless of course, that was the answer you wanted.

The key message is it’s all down to you. If you fail to achieve your dream then it’s your fault and no one else is to blame. Simple!

5. Believe the only things that matter are the dreams themselves

Having a goal is important but life is not just about goals.

Life is a journey with a constant stream of experiences and interactions with other people along the way.

The real fun is in the participation. Achievement is just a bonus.

Achievement is a momentary experience but life is not. Life goes on beyond the moment.

Dreams and goals in perspective:

If you’re driven by your dreams then I recommend that you listen to what Bel Pesce has to say. It might just save you some heartache.

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