10 silly jokes that’ll definitely make you laugh

SILLY JOKESLooking for some silly jokes to make you laugh, dear reader? Then I’ve got 10 good ones for you today and they’re guaranteed to make you laugh.

There’s nothing smutty here, just genuinely good fun.

So sit back and take a few moments to enjoy a good laugh.

Silly jokes:

  • What do you call zombies in the belfry?
  • Dead ringers
  • What’s it called when you borrow money to buy a bison?
  • A buffaloan
  • What do you call a rotten hot dog?
  • A rankfurter
  • What do you call a hippy’s wife?
  • Mississippi
  • What do you call a ghost who only haunts the town hall?
  • The nightmayor
  • What do you call a dance for people who hate each other?
  • An avoidance
  • What do you call an American sketch drawing?
  • A Yankee doodle
  • What do you call a goat that’s a professional comedian?
  • Billy the Kid
  • What do you call an ancient Egyptian ruler with no teeth?
  • A gummy mummy
  • What do you call a blonde police officer?
  • A fair cop

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