12 original Limericks written just for you

ORIGINAL LIMERICKSIf you enjoy the style of poems known as Limericks then here are 12 of them just for you, dear reader.

They’re all original and written by me. So, I hope you enjoy them.

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Limericks (1-6):

  • There was an old man from Blairgowrie
  • Who married a beautiful Maori
  • Making Auckland their home
  • Never again would they roam
  • Thanks to a generous dowry
  • A young guy from Chester-le-Street
  • Was inclined to be indiscreet
  • But what he revealed
  • About a girl from Hatfield
  • Was a story of intrigue and deceit
  • There was a young girl named Grace
  • Who decided to run in a race
  • Such a beautiful belle
  • She started so well
  • Only to fall flat on her face
  • Original LimericksI went to a party to schmooz
  • And enjoy a wee dram of booze
  • I met a nice girl
  • Whose first name was Shirl
  • And her family name was Hughes
  • A delivery guy named Bob
  • Dispatched packages for the Mob
  • Inside each one
  • A Mossberg shotgun
  • And directions to the next job
  • There was an electrician named Joe
  • Hired to light up a show
  • Climbing the heights
  • To put up the lights
  • He slipped and broke his big toe

Limericks (7-12):

  • The thief had to make a confession
  • About more than a minor transgression
  • Punished for his crime
  • He now pays with his time
  • And reflects on his little indiscretion
  • For the Highland Games Jack did smarten
  • For ne’er would he wish to dishearten
  • His proud Scottish wife
  • In his sock was a knife
  • And his kilt was his own family tartan
  • I was fast asleep in the shade
  • When approached by a beautiful maid
  • I gave her a smile
  • And we talked for awhile
  • Then she gave me the note she conveyed.
  • Original LimericksThere was a guy from Cheyenne
  • Selling systems to businessmen
  • With incredible zeal
  • He closed every deal
  • And signed with a gold Parker pen
  • With her Spanish boyfriend José
  • Jane decided to run away
  • To Gretna, they headed
  • Their aim to get wedded
  • Before anyone could say nay
  • An intrepid young lady named Alice
  • Travelled from her home in Dallas
  • To Lapland, she went
  • Completely hell-bent
  • On seeing the Aurora Borealis

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