25 facts of life that might get you thinking

FACTS OF LIFESearching for the facts of life, dear reader? I guess the question is, what do we mean by the fact of life?

Well, for some it means the birds and the bees. For me, it means trying to make sense of life and the lived experience.

Here are 25 facts of life which are my take on the world based on my own lived experience.

I hope you find some useful insights here.

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Facts of life (1-10):

  1. We live by our wits.
  2. Just because it’s dismissed as a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean it’s not true. 
  3. Just because it looks genuine doesn’t mean it’s not fake. That goes for people too.
  4. Human beings are all flawed. You may not be perfect but you’re as perfect as the next person. 
  5. Time is more valuable than money. You can earn more money, but you can’t get more time. With time, once it’s gone it’s gone. Use it wisely. 
  6. We all make a living by selling something to someone. In exchange for adding value in some way to the lives of others, we earn money. Money is a measure of the perceived value we add. 
  7. You can choose to be whatever you want but you must accept that there will always be trade-offs. Everything comes at a price and that price must be paid first. 
  8. Life’s what you make it. It will never be perfect but with hard work and determination, it can be good. However, if you want the best life for yourself, you’ll need to carve it out yourself. 
  9. Just because people don’t share their troubles doesn’t mean they don’t have any. No one can ever truly know the battles other people face. So, be careful when judging. 
  10. You must always be prepared for when opportunity knocks. Life is an endless stream of opportunities just waiting for the fleet-footed and those ready and waiting to seize the day.

Facts of life (11-17):

  1. There’s only one way to gain experience. The hard way. You can’t train experience. You must go out there, make mistakes and learn from them. In short, there’s no elevator, you must take the stairs, one by one. 
  2. All too often, people choose to move on because they failed to appreciate what they had. It’s easy to think that the grass is greener somewhere else, but the grass is greener where it’s well-watered.
  3. You may be angry at the way you’ve been treated. You may feel you have every right to be angry. However, a chippy attitude will never win over hearts and minds. You’ll catch more flies with sugar than you will with vinegar. 
  4. Those who can only see virtue in their own opinions are keen to close down those with alternative opinions because they’re concerned that the public may listen to and be influenced by those with alternative opinions. 
  5. It’s wrong to think that the law will protect the individual. It won’t. Do or say anything that runs counter to the interests of the powerful elite, and it will come back to bite you. If you want to go against the powerful, you’ll need numbers on your side. 
  6. When the powerful elite suggests the need for limitations on what people are allowed to do, what they have in mind will only apply to ordinary folk. They have no intention of being constrained by such limitations themselves.
  7. Giving is easy but if you need to take it back, that’s when it gets difficult. Be careful what you give if there’s a possibility you may need to take it back.

Facts of life (18-25):

  1. Politicians are not on your side. They’re driven by personal ambition and self-interest. Your interests only matter to them when being seen to be doing something for you is useful to them, politically.
  2. It’s unwise to agree to anything that would give any government too much control over your life. You cannot trust a politician. 
  3. There is no such thing as government cash. There’s only taxpayers’ cash. Even when governments borrow money, that’s just money taken now from future taxpayers. Governments have no cash of their own. 
  4. Acting together, we are strong. If enough of us band together we are invincible. We don’t have to accept all the nonsense. We can and should push back. Operating in great numbers we can scare the hell out of the politicians and the powerful elite.
  5. No one grants us freedom. We are free people, and no government should ever be allowed to believe, mistakenly, that it controls us. We have rights, they’re inalienable, and politicians need reminding of that, constantly. 
  6. Those seeking to manipulate our language, are trying to control the debate. Changing what we say and how we say it, is part of an agenda aimed at creating a world that suits their interests but not ours. We must all push back, constantly.
  7. The result of complicating communication will be misunderstanding and miscommunication. And misunderstanding and miscommunication can only ever lead to problems and tensions between people. So, keep it simple, always. 
  8. It’s strange in the modern world that so many seemingly sensible people are willing to accept some incredibly silly ideas without question. Never be afraid to challenge the orthodoxy.

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