7 tips for becoming your best self

Becoming your best selfSuccessful people are generally regarded as being the best at whatever they do.

However, to be the best at what you do, you must start by becoming the best person you can be. That is, you must be your best self.

In other words, you must find the hero that lies within you.

There’s infinite capacity within you to excel but to realize at least some of your potential you must work at becoming the exceptional person you really can be.

The obvious question is, where do you start?

Here are 7 tips to help you become your best self:-

Becoming your best self:

1. Have a sense of purpose:

If you’re going to be the best person you can be then you cannot just drift through life hoping that it will all just fall into place. It won’t. Nothing happens by accident.

You cannot drift through life with little direction or purpose, not if success is your aim.

Drifting may seem attractive to some but it’s not the way to discover contentment, health and wealth.

It never has been and it never will be.

You must determine your life’s purpose, or your mission if you like.

Having a sense of purpose is essential. With it, you’ll have your own compass that will guide you to your true north all the time.

2. Live by a moral code:

What really matters to you dear reader?

Having a set of values is important. Having a moral code is important too.

Civilization is underpinned by accepted values and a moral code.

Values are the benchmark against which we measure ourselves and any successes we may achieve.

For instance, achieving success by cheating will not make you feel good about yourself because you’ll know you didn’t play fair. If you were dishonest, you’ll know you were dishonest.

It can only feel like a real achievement if it was won in a fair fight. A bit of gamesmanship is one thing but cheating is quite another.

So what is it you value most dear reader?

Pause for a minute and give that question some thought.

Make a list of your top three values.

Then check your goals against those values. Are your goals congruent with your values? Certainly, they’ll need to be.

If a goal doesn’t align with any of your top three values then you must get rid of it.

Anything you achieve that is inconsistent with your values will not make you feel good about yourself.

You will only recognize yourself as your best self when you consider yourself against the values that matter most to you.

3. Know your needs:

Every human being has needs. Having needs is part of the human condition.

Abraham Maslow put it best when he described the hierarchy of needs.

Physiological needs, the need for safety and security, the need for love and belonging, the need for self-esteem, and the need for self-actualization.

We all need these things to some degree, at least.

We all need certainty. However certainty can be boring, so we also need a little uncertainty or change to make life more interesting. The problem is uncertainty can make us feel insecure which is why we tend to feel uncomfortable when we experience change.

You’ll have your own specific needs dear reader and it’s important to identify them.

If you’re to live authentically then the life you live should be consistent with your needs. You can only be you. Anything else would be a fake.

Perhaps attention and recognition are your greatest needs?

Then again, perhaps what truly matters most to you is family and friends.

Perhaps you have a need to become a mum or a dad?

Alternatively, perhaps you have a burning need to play a musical instrument or to write.

Whatever your needs, if they remain unmet it will stop you from living authentically.

So list your top five needs and make sure any goals you have are consistent with meeting them.

Know your needs and make sure you work towards meeting them before it is too late.

4. Know your passions:

It’s often said that the three things we need in life are passion, purpose and pastime.

Passion is important.

If you have a passion for what you do, you’ll be keen to do it well.

If it really, really matters to you, of course, you’ll do it well. Why wouldn’t you? And if you do it well people will notice. And when people start to notice then demand for your services will increase. And once the demand for your services increases then your value will increase.

So it’s a virtuous circle.

Knowing what you truly like and enjoy doing is part of really knowing who you are as a person.

Knowing your passions allows you to express yourself and make your own unique contribution to life.

And by expressing yourself and leaving a legacy you’ll pay tribute to all those people who inspired you to become the very person you really could be. To become your best self.

5. Live from the inside out:

Your body is the temple in which you will live your entire life.

If that temple is in bad shape then that’s hardly a basis for you becoming your best self, is it?

So be in tune with your body and take care of it.

Eat sensibly and exercise regularly.

Put your physical and mental well-being at the heart of everything you do.

Appreciate the world around you. Stop to smell the roses occasionally. Allow yourself to be in spiritual contact with nature and the world around you.

When you feel stressed and pressured, take the time to breathe deeply. This will help you relax and quiet your distracted mind.

Above all, listen to what your heart is saying. Follow your heart but take your brain with you, of course.

6. Work to your strengths:

We all have our own strengths. We all have a natural talent for something and there are things that others will recognize that we’re very good at.

You’re no different, dear reader. So what are your strengths?

At what do you excel in comparison to other people? For what are you recognised as the ‘go-to’ person by your colleagues?

Knowing your strengths and making sure you’re working to your strengths is essential if you’re to be your best self. Certainly, you won’t get very far if you’re working to your weaknesses.

So what positive traits do you possess?

What would other people say are your strengths? Ask your family and friends, if you’re unsure.

Your authentic self will be expressed best by working to your strengths, naturally.

If you’re good at what you do then, once again, you’ll do it well. And doing it well will increase your self-confidence.

And confidence is an essential ingredient to you being your best self.

7. Add value to others:

Becoming Your Best SelfHuman beings are social animals and we live naturally in groups and societies.

Being part of society means making a contribution to it.

We must all make a contribution particularly if we’re striving to be our best selves.

Living authentic lives means we must develop an interconnected sense of being.

If you’re true to who you are, living your life’s purpose and giving your talents to the world around you then you are providing a service to others.

To contribute to society you must serve others in some way. Add value to their lives. And giving your best in whatever you do is the way to add value. That is your spirit; your very essence. That is your raison d’etre.

Adding value and providing service to others provides its own rewards.

Sharing your gifts with the world can be pleasing indeed. Knowing your contribution was a contribution only you can make can be truly satisfying.

Know you’ve made a real difference and then you’ll have achieved your best self.


We can all aspire to be more than we are but nothing happens by accident.

If you want to be the best then know where you’re going; know why you’re going there; and know how it is congruent with your passions, your moral code, your own needs, your strengths and your desire to add value in the best way possible.

It can be done and people do. So can you! Good luck.

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