7 great stay focused quotes to help you pursue success

Stay Focused QuotesIf you don’t know exactly what you want then you’ll never get it. That much is philosophically self-evident to you I am sure dear reader. However, how can you know what you want?

Well if necessary keep trying stuff until you find something you really enjoy and at which you excel.

And once you’ve found something you love, stay focused on it and take it as far as you can possibly go.

That’s the way to achieve real success.

Here are 7 great stay focused quotes to help you on your way.

Stay focused quotes:

  1. Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals. ~LL Cool J
  2. Know what you want and focus on how you’ll get it. And never, ever give up. ~Roy Sutton
  3. Courage is like a muscle; it is strengthened by use. ~Ruth Gordon
  4. Do not be afraid to ask dumb questions; they are easier to handle than dumb mistakes. ~Author Unknown
  5. Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. ~Albert Einstein
  6. Aim higher; stay focused. ~Brandon Adams
  7. I always want to stay focused on who I am, even as I’m discovering who I am. ~Alicia Keys

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