How to get motivated and achieve big things

How-to-get-motivatedHow to get motivated and achieve big things is a common question I’m asked. Coming up with ideas is easy, but getting motivated can be much harder.

Do you have a problem getting motivated? You know what you’d like to do, but you just can’t seem to get going.

Many people feel this way, and, if I’m honest, I can be like that too. So whenever I struggle to get going, I like to watch a motivational video or listen to a motivational podcast or audiobook.

When I need a little push, I listen to people who inspire me. People like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy.

And here’s another inspiring speaker from TEDxVirginiaTech. In this video, Scott Geller talks about the psychology of self-motivation. I found this very useful, and I hope you will too.  Certainly, it’s worth your time to listen to it.

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