How is success achieved? Could this be the secret?

How-is-success-achievedHow is success achieved? Certainly many desire it but few really achieve it. Why is that do you think dear reader?

Could it be all about your mindset? Can your thinking have an impact on whether you succeed or not?

Well in the embedded video, Carrie Green suggests that your mindset really does matter.

Programming your mind for success:

This is an inspirational talk on the subject of success from Ms Carrie Green given at TEDxManchester.

Her underlying message is that success is never achieved by accident.

Success is in fact achieved by knowing what you want, knowing why you want it and then programming your mind to drive you towards your goal.

I’d not heard Carrie Green speak before I stumbled on this video but I must say I’m very impressed.

If you can spare a few minutes then this video is well worth a little piece of your time. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed. Recommended.

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