15 Quotes by Larry David

Quotes by Larry DavidIf you were a fan of the US sitcom Seinfeld then you will be familiar with the name Larry David. He was the creator of that series along with Jerry Seinfeld and for me it’s one the finest sitcoms of all time.

Lawrence Gene David, to give Larry David his full name, was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is a comedian, writer, actor, director, and television producer.

Larry David was the head writer and executive producer for Seinfeld from 1989 to 1997 and subsequently gained further recognition for the sitcom series Curb Your Enthusiasm, which he also created, and in which he stars as a semi-fictionalized version of himself.

Here are 15 quotes by Larry David which might make you think and some might even make you smile. All are well worth a few minutes of your time.

Quotes by Larry David:

  1. Golf and dating don’t mix. ~Larry David
  2. You know, I’m really not that bright. ~Larry David
  3. You write about what you know. ~Larry David
  4. I have reservations about everything I do. ~Larry David
  5. Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man? There’s your diamond in the rough. ~Larry David
  6. Whenever something good happens to me, it’s usually followed by something terrible. ~Larry David
  7. I wanted to make a living but I really wasn’t interested in money at all. I was interested in being a great comedian. ~Larry David
  8. If you tell the truth about how you’re feeling, it becomes funny. ~Larry David
  9. I’m not a person who embraces challenges. I run from challenges. I break world records running from challenges. ~Larry David
  10. Well, after the divorce, I went home and turned all the lights on! ~Larry David
  11. I had a wonderful childhood, which is tough because it’s hard to adjust to a miserable adulthood. ~Larry David
  12. I was very fortunate to hook up with Jerry in the first place. The network was already committed to doing something with him, so I skipped a couple of hundred steps right there. ~Larry David
  13. It’s always good to take something that’s happened in your life and make something of it comedically. ~Larry David
  14. I think that what people imagine they’re going through is much worse than what they are going through. ~Larry David
  15. I think we’re all good and bad, but good’s not funny. Bad is funny. Suppress the good and let the bad out, and then you can be funny. ~Larry David

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