30 Interesting quotes by Lucius B. Wack

INTERESTING QUOTES BY LUCIUS B. WACKIf it’s interesting quotes you’re looking for, dear reader, then I have 30 more excellent observations from my good friend Lucius B. Wack.

Regular readers will know that a couple of my recent posts have curated quotes from this modern philosopher.

As previously stated, Lucius B. Wack is someone I admire so I thought it might be interesting to share some more of his thoughts on life today.

So, read these interesting quotes and see what you think.

I hope you find these observations about modern life in the western world interesting.

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Interesting Quotes (1-10):

  1. Who will ever get justice from the mob?
  2. Policy cannot succeed if it’s based on falsehoods.
  3. If the price is your peace of mind, then it’s far too expensive.
  4. To live is a beautiful thing. Certainly, it’s better than the alternative.
  5. Work should serve us. We shouldn’t be slaves to our work. Life’s too short. 
  6. There’s no such thing as government money. There’s only taxpayers’ money.
  7. Today will be as productive as you choose to make it. So, make it very productive. 
  8. Why is it that the most hateful people are always those who are the first to accuse others of hate?
  9. The problem with those people who have an unshakeable belief that they know best is that usually, they don’t. 
  10. You won’t get authentic truth from anyone supported by big money. He (or she) who has the gold makes the rules.

Interesting Quotes (11-20):

  1. Beware of those who love to parade their virtue. Behind every virtuous mask, there’s usually an attitude that’s ugly. 
  2. Life’s full of problems and we all get our share. No one’s life’s perfect, regardless of any indications to the contrary. 
  3. When one is so convinced by the virtue of one’s own opinion, it’s easy to forget that one might be hopelessly wrong.
  4. The cavalry won’t be coming to save you. So, if you want your life to improve, you’ll need to work on saving yourself.
  5. If success is your aim, then you must have a definite sense of purpose. Know your why and you’ll find a way to get where you want to go. 
  6. Beware those people who will interpret what you say through the prism of their own prejudices and seek to use their distorted views against you.
  7. If it really matters, we must make time. Everyone has the same number of hours in the week. How we use them depends on our priorities.
  8. Failure is only failure if we fail to learn from it. Otherwise, it’s a useful lesson that’s the basis of that valuable commodity known as experience. 
  9. When someone says bow to my demands or face the consequences, there’s only one appropriate response. It’s two words, the second of which is off. 
  10. Have a go at anything and you’ll make mistakes. However, you’ll learn from those mistakes and over time you’ll hone your skills. Mastery starts with having a go.

Interesting Quotes (21-25):

  1. You don’t have to follow your heart but one day you’ll wish you did. Better to try and fail than spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been.
  2. Whatever you choose to say, regardless of how accurate or true it is, there will always be someone on social media who takes exception to it. That’s life today.
  3. Some people are so blinded by what they believe is virtue in their own opinions that they cannot begin to appreciate whether alternative opinions held by others have merit too.
  4. You may have a sound argument, but if it runs counter to the agenda of those with more sinister aims, they’ll simply dismiss you as a bigot. It’s the classic way of shutting down the debate.
  5. They strive to remove as many freedoms from ordinary folk as they can. They have a religious conviction in their own virtue and feel superior to what they see as the stupidity of the little people. 

Interesting Quotes (26-30):

  1. If you’re in charge, you’re not there to be liked. You’re there to be effective. If you’re effective, you’ll get respect. If you try to court popularity you won’t be effective and ultimately, you’ll fail.
  2. Why do we give so many stupid people so much power over our lives? Wherever you look in politics and public institutions there are stupid people who should never be anywhere near the levers of power.
  3. Each of us has a different journey through life and one person’s journey is not necessarily better or worse than another’s. It’s the choices we make and how we deal with the cards we’re dealt that will dictate our life experiences. 
  4. The greatest tyranny is the status quo. Vested interests don’t like to be challenged because they fear someone taking their lunch. They have no intention of sharing the cake with anyone else. That’s why they must be challenged constantly. 
  5. Be prepared to stand and fight if it matters to you or learn to accept that which would otherwise be unacceptable. If you don’t make a stand you must bow to those who pursue their own agenda even when it runs counter to the interests of the many.

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