30 quotes to make you think about life

QUOTES TO MAKE YOU THINKIf you’re looking for some quotes to make you think, dear reader, then take a close look at the 30 I’ve put together for you today.

They are all observations about life as we know it today. We live in strange times, and they appear to be getting stranger as each day passes.

In my experience, each decade has a unique feel and the one in which we now live is no different. The 2020s are shaping up to be quite unique, that’s for sure.

On the positive side, nothing lasts forever. So, we have every reason to believe that life can improve. However, it will only improve if we challenge the orthodoxy and refuse to accept that which is unacceptable.

Anyway, grab a coffee, relax, and see what you make of these 30 excellent quotes.

And please feel free to pass them on.

Quotes to make you think (1-15):

  1. The silent majority is irrelevant.
  2. Just because you believe it, doesn’t mean it’s true. 
  3. Import the world and you import the world’s problems.  
  4. A fact will always be a fact however much you wish it were not. 
  5. There’s never a time when everything’s done. There’s always more to do.
  6. To believe is to accept as fact that which cannot be proven with certainty.
  7. We appear to have sleepwalked into allowing the lunatics to run the asylum.
  8. Beware the useful idiots with a reckless commitment to a questionable cause. 
  9. There’s no obligation for people to adjust their lives to suit your life preferences. 
  10. Who amongst us has not done something in our youth that we now know to be wrong? 
  11. The lives we experience are a consequence of the choices we make. Bad choices lead to bad outcomes.
  12. Just because bad ideas are accepted into mainstream thinking doesn’t mean they cease to be bad ideas. 
  13. An inconvenient truth may be inconvenient but that doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. Fact is fact, whether we like it or not. 
  14. When selection is based on tokenism rather than talent and ability, then the tokens will always struggle to be taken seriously.
  15. If a politician’s explanation is vague and lacks clarity, then it’s wise to be suspicious. What is it they’re trying to keep from us, and why?

Quotes to make you think (16-25):

  1. Just because your intentions are good doesn’t mean the outcome will be good. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  2. Increasingly the western world is controlled by ideologues whose aim is to crush dissent and anyone who questions the orthodoxy. 
  3. You cannot have democracy without free speech. Curtail the freedom to express alternative opinions and democracy ceases to exist. 
  4. If democracy is to work, then there must be a winner. And once there is a winner, the loser must accept the winner’s right to govern.
  5. A peaceful life can come at a high price. Think twice before you choose a peaceful existence over standing up for what you know is right. 
  6. If developing critical thinking skills is not the primary purpose of education, then you would have to question the value of education. 
  7. Anyone who travels regularly in a private jet is in no position to lecture other people about the impact of carbon emissions on climate change.
  8. Fashion is an industry that exploits a natural, youthful need to fit in, whilst causing enormous environmental damage in their pursuit of profit. 
  9. Politicians think only in terms of actions that will get them credit in the short term. Those who would do our countries harm know this and exploit it quite effectively. 
  10. When politicians refer to zero tolerance for misinformation online, what they really mean is that dissent and any questioning of their worldview will not be tolerated.

Quotes to make you think (26-30):

  1. If politicians are trying to stop us from questioning the views they’re promoting, that’s a very good reason to keep asking awkward questions and refusing to be fobbed off with polite but meaningless answers. 
  2. Haters just want to destroy. They have no real idea as to how life might be made better. They have no vision, only a thirst for destruction. Don’t be fooled by claims that they’re acting in everyone’s interests. They’re not!
  3. If we allow the world to go fully cashless, are we blindly handing over control of our lives to ‘Big Tech’? Giving away our financial freedom so cheaply is probably a mistake from which it will be impossible to recover. 
  4. The problem with the notion of a hate crime is who gets to define the term hate. Mostly it appears to be those with a vested interest in establishing themselves as victims and therefore deserving of special treatment. 
  5. Equity of outcome might seem like a good idea but, if we go down that road, it will not end well. Equity of opportunity is beyond question, but to guarantee an outcome regardless of effort and enterprise is simply a race to the bottom. 

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