30 Best Quotes from Lucius B. Wack

Best QuotesIn a previous post, I introduced readers to an old friend of mine, Lucius B. Wack. Today I offer you 30 of his best quotes about life and the human condition.

Affectionately known as Lucky, he’s someone who has greatly influenced my thinking of late.

So, I’ve put together these quotes as I think they might appeal to readers. I hope so anyway.

Grab a coffee and take a few moments to read some more of Lucky’s observations.

Please feel free to use any of these quotes. Lucky would be flattered to know he’s being quoted.

And please pass them on.

Best Quotes (1-10):

  1. To believe is to accept as fact that which cannot be proven.
  2. If you want your life to change, don’t make a wish list make a to-do list.
  3. Never be willing to die for your beliefs because you might just be wrong.
  4. If you have a few loved ones and a special friend or two, you have all you need. 
  5. Question the orthodoxy and you’ll be dismissed as a bigot. That’s how the debate is shut down.
  6. Anything can be yours but nothing’s free. There’s always a price to pay and it must be paid first.
  7. You make choices and you must accept the consequences. And there will always be consequences.
  8. The only thing that virtue signallers achieve is a demonstration of their shallowness, vanity, and hypocrisy.
  9. If you’re not hurting anyone else, you don’t need anyone’s permission to live your life in a way that suits you. 
  10. Don’t just let life happen to you. Decide what it is you want and then go out there and make sure you get it. 

Best Quotes (11-20):

  1. When people try to curtail our way of life, don’t be afraid to push back. Who gave them permission to dictate how others should live?
  2. Everyone has feelings and most people are decent and doing their best. Remember that next time you’re inclined to be mean or spiteful. 
  3. Arguing on social media with people you don’t know about things that don’t really matter is my idea of a waste of time. Life’s too short. 
  4. Nothing matters more than loved ones and friends. Jobs and careers won’t look after you if you’re ill or infirm. So, get your priorities right. 
  5. Never be afraid to push back. You don’t have to accept the unacceptable. If you don’t push back those with a more sinister agenda will win.
  6. People are free to live their lives in any way they choose providing, in doing so, their actions don’t conflict with the established rights of others.
  7. Beware the caustic influence of cynics. They add no value, and they have no ideas for making life better. They just want to rain on everyone’s parade. 
  8. You can be more than you are, and you can do more than you think. Add value by being the solution to peoples’ problems and you can earn more than you thought possible. 
  9. Those in power, and indeed those seeking power, don’t want you thinking for yourself. And if that’s not a compelling reason to think for yourself, I don’t know what is. 
  10. We live in an age of shallow gestures. An age where people are constantly trying to make themselves look good through gestures, they think are virtuous, when in fact they are just self-promotion.

Best Quotes (21-30):

  1. Being economically dependent on someone else means your life will be controlled by someone else. 
  2. Death awaits us all. There’s no escaping it. However, before death there’s life and life must be lived to the full. 
  3. Boldly go in the direction of your dreams. You may succeed, or you may not, but either way, you won’t spend your life wondering what might have been.
  4. Do what you’re good at and you’ll do it well; do it well and people will notice. And once you get noticed, you have every chance of earning a decent income. 
  5. Know your value. Employers will pay you as little as they can get away with. It’s down to you to ensure you’re being rewarded properly for the value you’re adding.
  6. We live in an age where a caustic remark is considered an appropriate response to an innocent comment made on social media. Whatever happened to civility? 
  7. In a democracy, everyone gets a vote, the votes are counted, and there’s a winner. And once there’s a winning outcome we’re stuck with it, whether we like it or not. 
  8. Criticise not those who make mistakes, for mistakes are an inevitable part of the human condition. Show me someone who never makes mistakes and I’ll show you someone who’s never done anything. 
  9. You’ll be easily conned if you let others do your thinking for you. Think for yourself and question everything. Never accept anything at face value. The new puritans don’t have your interests at heart. 
  10. Zealots see themselves as virtuous. They believe they’re doing good work, regardless of whether they belong to an organised religion or they just have a religious commitment to a cause. They see themselves as somehow superior to everyone else. 

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