My philosophy on life and success: 30 Quotes by Roy Sutton

Quotes-by-Roy-SuttonDear reader, if I’m really honest, I’d have to admit that offering some quotes by Roy Sutton in a blog post is a little bit self-indulgent.

Certainly, it’s unlikely that many people will be searching Google for some quotes by Roy Sutton?

However, believe it or not, I was asked by a reader for some quotes of my own that illustrate my personal philosophy on life and success.

So, as I’m a blogger and my raison d’etre is to share my thoughts and ideas, I thought today I’d share some quotes to see what reaction I get from my wider readership.

These quotes definitely reflect my own philosophy on life, success and being the best you can be.

All of these are quotes I’ve shared originally on my Twitter feed (@RoyJosephSutton) essentially as micro-blog posts. In fact, these are the tweets for which I’ve received the most positive responses.

My hope is that if they’ve appealed to another audience then they might just appeal to regular readers of this blog.

As a blogger, you have to believe that you have something to say and you have to be willing to share what you have to say and accept feedback, both positive and negative.

So today I’m sharing my own philosophy with you, dear reader, and I hope at least some of these quotes will leave you feeling empowered to succeed.

Above all, I hope you’ll find today’s quotes interesting and thought-provoking.

30 Quotes by Roy Sutton (1-10):

  1. Hatred is fear’s ugly sister. ~Roy Sutton
  2. Life’s too short to be unhappy. ~Roy Sutton
  3. Smile whilst you still have teeth! ~Roy Sutton
  4. You’ll never have today again. So enjoy it. ~Roy Sutton
  5. Everything involves risk, including not taking a risk. ~Roy Sutton
  6. Your future’s yet to be written but you’ve got the pen. ~Roy Sutton
  7. Sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason. ~Roy Sutton
  8. If you want something then you’ve got to give something in return. There’s always a price to be paid. Nothing’s for free. ~Roy Sutton
  9. 40 Great Quotes About Life
  10. Either life’s a great adventure or it’s nothing. Make it a great adventure and enjoy every minute, because you only go around once. ~Roy Sutton
  11. You don’t decide your future. You make choices and your choices decide your future. Choices matter. Learn to make good ones. ~Roy Sutton

30 Quotes by Roy Sutton (11-20):

  1. Other peoples’ perception of you is none of your business. Don’t be limited by what others think. ~Roy Sutton
  2. Never fear having a go. Fear only that should you not try you’ll never know what might have been. ~Roy Sutton
  3. At work you’re replaceable but at home, you’re not. That should tell you where your priority should be. ~Roy Sutton
  4. No one is perfect. We’re all imperfect. So embrace your imperfections. They’re what make you different from the crowd. ~Roy Sutton
  5. Never again will you be as young as you are today. So forget your age and focus on making the most of life whilst you still can. ~Roy Sutton
  6. Your years on this earth will teach you far more than you could possibly learn in any university or college of further education. ~Roy Sutton
  7. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Go boldly in the direction of your dreams and don’t stop until you get to where you want to be. ~Roy Sutton
  8. It doesn’t matter what you do, there’ll always be someone who will criticise you given the opportunity. Just do your best and ignore the critics. ~Roy Sutton
  9. Don’t be ashamed of all the challenges you’ve had to overcome. Your story can be an inspiration to others. You may have had it tough but you’re still here and you’ve not allowed yourself to be defeated. That makes you a role model. ~Roy Sutton
  10. Yesterday was full of lessons and tomorrow is an endless stream of opportunities. Use yesterday’s lessons to capitalise on tomorrow’s opportunities. You can be all you’d like to be and much more besides. ~Roy Sutton

30 Quotes by Roy Sutton (21-30):

  1. People believe what they want to believe, especially when they’re desperate. ~Roy Sutton
  2. Money is simply the scorecard for the transfer of value between people in a society. ~Roy Sutton
  3. Greatness is achieved by what you do, not what you say. Deeds will always beat words. ~Roy Sutton
  4. We all have a role to play. On Spaceship Earth we’re all crew. We’re all here to make a contribution. ~Roy Sutton
  5. If you’re hoping that politicians will improve your life, you’ll always be disappointed. If your life is to improve, you must take responsibility for it yourself. ~Roy Sutton
  6. When everything’s going well for you and you start to feel you can do no wrong, think twice. Almost certainly, you’re much more vulnerable than you realise. ~Roy Sutton
  7. If you don’t tend your own garden regularly it will be attacked quickly by noxious weeds. Life’s like that too. We must all take good care of that which is precious to us. ~Roy Sutton
  8. Do not underestimate the power of your voice. Your voice matters. Use it. To be silent is to be irrelevant. Ensure that people know how you feel about those things that matter to you. ~Roy Sutton
  9. Never let anyone tell you how you should think. Think for yourself and draw your own conclusions. No one has a monopoly on knowing what’s best. Your opinion is just as valid as the next person’s. ~Roy Sutton
  10. Remaining loyal to the circumstances into which you were born is not a noble act. It’s perfectly reasonable to want more from life. Just because you were born poor doesn’t mean you have to remain poor. ~Roy Sutton

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