Why you should make a difference in life

Make A DifferenceWhere are you going? What is it you want to achieve in life? Would you like to make a difference while still on Planet Earth?

If you’re anything like me, dear reader, you’ll be asking yourself questions like these quite frequently.

However, any vision you have for your life should not just involve some notion of what you want to achieve, surely?

In looking to the future, your vision should also include something you would like to leave behind, don’t you think?

I’m talking about your legacy.

In other words, what will you leave behind for future generations?

Fundamental question:

If you’re to leave a lasting legacy, there’s a more fundamental question you should be asking yourself, and that is, For what do I want to be remembered?

Developing a clear idea of what you want your legacy to be will focus your attention on what you need to do to achieve it.

This will involve more than just establishing priorities. It requires you to consider what matters to you.

Once you know what truly matters to you, you’ll know where to focus all your energy.

If you can connect with your highest values, then this will have a profound effect on your behaviour.

That, in turn, should provide you with the motivation and drive to pursue your life’s purpose. Your raison d’etre.

A price must be paid:

However, you should recognise this fact too. If your life’s purpose is to be achieved, then there’s a price to be paid. There’s nothing for free in this life, that’s for sure. And that’s why you’ll need to be driven.

This leads us to the next question: How do you turn your vision into reality?

Like every journey, it starts with the first step.

You think about what needs to be done, but not for too long, and then you start doing it, and you keep going until you get to where you want to be.

The best time is now:

Like many people, you may be thinking that you have to have everything ‘just right’ before you can begin to achieve your aims. That’s not so, dear reader.

If you wait for everything to be perfect, then it’ll never happen. So the best time to start is right now. A year ago may have been better, of course, but failing that right now is best.

The danger with waiting for everything to be perfect is that you delay and delay and never get any traction on moving things closer to where you want to be.

Your life’s purpose will only become clearer as you experience life and gradually adjust your direction based on your experiences.

Every successful person goes through many experiences before they find the thing that will allow them to truly make a difference.

Make A DifferenceThe importance of incremental change:

This is a process of incremental change that gradually takes you in the direction that is most appropriate for you.  And if you’re heading in that direction, you’re almost certainly reinforcing what works for you.

If you just keep moving in the right direction, you will achieve your goals. It may take longer than you’d like, and it may not be as dramatic as you thought it would be, but you will get there.

The keyword is perseverance.

Keep going until you achieve what you want to achieve.

Achievement is a confidence-builder.

The more you achieve, the more you believe you can achieve. With confidence and self-belief, you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

You’ll find, dear reader, if you haven’t already, that achievement and success change your experience of being alive.

Not only does it make you feel good about yourself, but as a natural consequence, it also produces what will become your legacy, which will make your life worth living and a life well-lived.

So make a difference while you still have the energy and the desire.

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