Poem about friendship to get you thinking

POEM ABOUT FRIENDSHIPOne of the great pleasures in life is having a good laugh with a close friend.

We often make the mistakes of thinking we have lots of friends. However, for most people, that’s unlikely to be true.

We may have lots of acquaintances, and some may be very good acquaintances, but that’s not the same thing as friends.

A friend is someone you could call at 3 am, if you were in trouble, and know they’d be willing and keen to help you. Every other person you know is just an acquaintance, with varying degrees of familiarity.

The reality is that most of us have one, two, or possibly three, close friends and they’re our tribe. And that’s all we really need.

So, friendship matters, and we must all cherish our friends. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here’s a poem I wrote with my take on friendship.

A poem about friendship:

Poem about friendship

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