Why the importance of health can’t be overstated

Importance of HealthHealth is better than wealth. ~English Proverb

Accumulating money at the expense of your health is unwise, to say the least.

Yes we all want money and we’d all like plenty of it too. I understand that, as I’m sure you do dear reader. However if you’re in bad health you can’t really enjoy your little pot of gold, can you?

The problem is, work can often be stressful, particularly if you’re an entrepreneur running your own business. And stress takes its toll on your health.

As any entrepreneur will know, running your own business can be a 24/7 game.

You work very hard and you work long and often stressful hours too. It goes with the territory.

The payback is that you can get very rich this way.

However you must be very careful here. Building wealth is an admirable pursuit but not at the expense of your health. There must be some balance in your life. It can’t be all about chasing money.

Yes of course money can pay for better healthcare but so what? You can only truly enjoy your life if you are fully fit and healthy, surely?

There’s a lot to be said for financial freedom of course but being free from illness is always better than being rich.

Run your own business by all means. That can be an excellent career choice. And success, either as an entrepreneur or an employee for that matter, will need plenty of hard work. That’s a given dear reader.

However never work yourself so hard that it has a negative impact on your health.

There is no sense in making yourself ill. Damage done to your health can’t always be repaired.

So your priority should be to pay attention to your own wellbeing and make sure there is some balance between making money and staying fit and healthy.

Being the richest person in the graveyard has little going for it, does it?

That’s my opinion dear reader but what do you think? Have you got a cautionary tales you’d like to share with my readers? I’d love to hear from you.

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