50 insurance quotes you just can’t ignore

INSURANCE QUOTESIf you’re looking for some insurance quotes today, then you may or may not have come to the right place.

If your aim is to purchase insurance, then I must apologise. I’m not in the business of selling insurance.

However, I am in the business of exploring different subjects and then curating interesting quotes by fascinating people who have something to say on that subject.

Today I thought it would be interesting to explore the subject of insurance and see what people had to say about the subject.

Essentially insurance is the transfer of risk. The bigger the risk the more we need to ensure we’re covered against it, if we’re not to end up penniless or worse.

So here are 50 insurance quotes by people who have something interesting, and occasionally amusing, to say about the subject.

I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

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Insurance Quotes (1-10):

  1. Health insurance should be a given for every citizen. ~Jesse Ventura
  2. Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders. ~Ronald Reagan
  3. There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman? ~Woody Allen
  4. Everyone should have health insurance. I say everyone should have health care. I’m not selling insurance. ~Dennis Kucinich
  5. Even if I might say to myself, ‘I don’t need health insurance. I won’t get sick,’ the fact is, as human beings with mortality, we are going to get sick, and it’s unpredictable when. ~Neal Katyal
  6. Your FICO score is an “I love debt” score. You’re going to pay a bazillion dollars in interest to keep your FICO score up in order to have lower homeowners and car insurance rates. ~Dave Ramsey
  7. Without health insurance, getting sick or injured could mean going bankrupt, going without needed care, or even dying needlessly. ~Jan Schakowsky
  8. For almost seventy years the life insurance industry has been a smug sacred cow feeding the public a steady line of sacred bull. ~Ralph Nader
  9. As an athlete, I understood the value of my health insurance. I knew that in my profession, injuries were common and could happen at any time. ~Magic Johnson
  10. My mother had taught shorthand and typing to support us since my father died, and secretly she hated it and hated him for dying and leaving no money because he didn’t trust life insurance salesmen. ~Sylvia Plath 

Insurance Quotes (11-20):

  1. Nobody likes insurance companies, especially health insurance companies. ~P. J. O’Rourke
  2. It is not good not to have health insurance; that leaves the family very vulnerable. ~Elizabeth Warren
  3. If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance. ~Suze Orman
  4. I don’t want to tell you how much insurance I carry with the Prudential, but all I can say is: when I go, they go too. ~Jack Benny
  5. Lowering the cost of insurance would be accomplished by such things as making it harder for lawyers to win frivolous lawsuits against insurance companies. ~Thomas Sowell
  6. Insurance – an ingenious modern game of chance in which the player is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps the table. ~Ambrose Bierce
  7. Many kids come out of college, they have a credit card and a diploma. They don’t know how to buy a house or a car or health insurance or life insurance. They do not know basic microeconomics. ~Jesse Jackson
  8. People just hate the idea of losing. Any loss, even a small one, is just so terrible to contemplate that they compensate by buying insurance, including totally absurd policies like air travel. ~Daniel Kahneman
  9. The Act of God designation on all insurance policies; which means, roughly, that you cannot be insured for the accidents that are most likely to happen to you. ~Alan Coren
  10. Simply by not owning three medium-sized castles in Tuscany I have saved enough money in the last forty years on insurance premiums alone to buy a medium-sized castle in Tuscany. ~Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Insurance Quotes (21-30):

  1. Health care’s not about insurance! Health care’s about getting treatment. ~P. J. O’Rourke
  2. You never fully appreciate the value of an insurance policy until the day you really need it. ~Roy Sutton
  3. Since the 17th century, insurance agents have been the foremost experts on risk. ~Charles Duhigg
  4. Once you are a victim of a bombing, you enter a risk group to which they will not sell insurance. ~Ernst Zundel
  5. It’s very easy for trusted companies to mislead naive customers, and life insurance companies are trusted. ~Daniel Kahneman
  6. Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it. ~William Penn
  7. The chances of a bank going out of business are extremely slim, but it’s always a good idea to spread around major sums so every penny is backed by insurance. ~Suze Orman
  8. Life insurance became popular only when insurance companies stopped emphasizing it as a good investment and sold it instead as a symbolic commitment by fathers to the future well-being of their families. ~James Surowiecki
  9. I am fighting kidney cancer. And I’m just so grateful that I had health insurance so that I could concentrate on the care that I needed rather than how the heck I was going to afford the care that was going to probably save my life. ~Mazie Hirono
  10. When citizens believe that the elite care more about those across the ocean than those across the train tracks, insurance has broken down, we divide into factions, and those who are left behind become angry and disillusioned with a politics that no longer serves them. ~Angus Deaton

Insurance Quotes (31-40):

  1. Today right here in America we have 50 million people without health insurance. ~Corrine Brown
  2. I actually lost 90 pounds over the course of 15 months in order to save money on life insurance. ~Derek Kilmer
  3. The availability of private insurance provides tremendous insulation for millions of individuals. ~Lawrence Summers
  4. Even when I was a teen model, I didn’t think it was fair that I had to enter the acting world to get insurance. ~Tyra Banks
  5. Even families with health insurance are quite vulnerable to a severe economic reversal if someone gets sick. ~Elizabeth Warren
  6. I’ve never been able to sky-dive, and I’ve always wanted to. I’ve probably done everything else, but for some reason, the insurance company won’t let me do it. ~Nick Cannon
  7. What the insurance companies have done is reverse the business so that the public at large insures the insurance companies. ~Gerry Spence
  8. The high price of health care in this country is a serious issue that demands serious attention. Putting limits on damages have little or no effect on skyrocketing malpractice insurance rates. ~Mary Landrieu
  9. For many Americans, including many who are employed, going to the doctor when they fall ill or become injured may not be an option because of the absence of health insurance. ~Ben Nelson
  10. It puts the provider in a situation of looking for ways to have someone else pick up a piece of the cost. As a result, every customer who has insurance ends up paying a ‘hidden premium.’ It simply adds to the healthcare cost burden. ~Dave Obey

Insurance Quotes (41-50):

  1. Show business is my life. When I was a kid I sold insurance, but nobody laughed. ~Don Rickles
  2. One in seven Americans lives without health insurance, and that’s a truly staggering figure. ~John M. McHugh
  3. Facts are, insurance ratings are really dependent on the notion that some people are higher risk than others. ~Patrick J. Kennedy
  4. If it’s really so wonderful that both partners have to work to make a living to pay for their house, for health insurance, someone is obviously going to get the short end of the stick. ~Eric Braeden
  5. The public has lost faith in the ability of Social Security and Medicare to provide for old age. They’ve lost faith in the banking system and in conventional medical insurance. ~Ron Chernow
  6. The insurance industry communicates through codes and check-off boxes. If there’s no check-off box for you, you don’t exist. ~Jack Anderson
  7. Most illegals are without health insurance, and when these workers need emergency healthcare, the American taxpayer gets stuck with the bill. ~Spencer Bachus
  8. Skyrocketing insurance premiums are debilitating our Nation’s healthcare delivery system and liability insurers are either leaving the market or raising rates to excessive levels. ~Jim Ryun
  9. Our system of private health insurance that fails to provide coverage to so many of our citizens also contributes to the double-digit healthcare inflation that is making America less competitive in the global economy. ~John Conyers
  10. The National Flood Insurance Program is a valuable tool in addressing the losses incurred throughout this country due to floods. It assures that businesses and families have access to affordable flood insurance that would not be available on the open market. ~Gary Miller

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