21 philosophical quotes to get you thinking

Philosophical QuotesLooking for some philosophical quotes, dear reader? Well, I have some quotes today that reflect my own personal philosophy.

How we look at the world matters. Our own personal philosophy will dictate the quality of our lives in many ways.

In my opinion, life’s what we make it.

We could get upset about how unfair everything may seem, or how others seem to be getting a big share of life’s riches, but that won’t improve our lives.

A better idea is to decide what you want from life, work out what you need to do to get it, set some goals, and then set full steam ahead in the direction of your dreams.

Success can be achieved, and people do. So can you.

So, take a look at these 21 philosophical quotes and see if any of them will help inspire you to achieve your own personal success.

Enjoy them all and please feel free to pass them on.

Philosophical Quotes (1-10):

  1. Life isn’t fair, nor will it ever be.
  2. If you learn more, you’ll earn more.
  3. Enjoy today because tomorrow is promised to no one.
  4. I don’t want to live forever, but I do want to live today.
  5. Never give anyone the opportunity to mistreat you twice.
  6. Political power belongs to those with numbers on their side.
  7. No truth will be dismissed quicker than an inconvenient truth.
  8. Always be cheerful. It will irritate enough people to be worth the effort.
  9. No one’s too busy. If you really matter to them, they’ll find time for you.
  10. Why settle for ordinary when you have the potential to be extraordinary?

Philosophical Quotes (11-21):

  1. There will always be someone who disagrees with your point of view.
  2. Achievement starts with you having self-belief and a burning desire to achieve.
  3. You’ll get what you tolerate. So, never tolerate anything that is completely unacceptable.
  4. If you want something, you’ve got to give something in return. There’s always a price to be paid.
  5. When you’re thinking, “Someone should do something!” always remember that you’re someone too.
  6. If you’re not hurting anyone else, it’s perfectly reasonable to live your life in any way that makes you happy.
  7. Nothing is ever quite what it seems. There will always be people with an agenda and there will always be those seeking to tip the balance of power in their favour.
  8. We have no constitutional right not to be offended. Occasionally people will say things to us that are irritating or hurtful. It’s part of life and we must learn to deal with it.
  9. Beware the useful idiots. Those naive but well-meaning foot soldiers are used by the malevolent in pursuit of an agenda which favours them but no one else.
  10. Learning is essential but it doesn’t have to be formal learning at a college or university. Self-teaching by reading books, watching tutorials online and listening to inspirational audios can be a great way to learn too.
  11. You may have a dream but that doesn’t mean others share it. However, don’t be discouraged. It’s better to pursue your dream than spend your life wondering what might have been.

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