Christmas Poem: Making memories that will last

Christmas PoemToday, I offer you a Christmas poem.

For those who celebrate it, Christmas is a very special time of the year. Not just Christmas Day, but the whole of December is taken up with preparing for the big day and spending time with family and friends.

It is particularly magical if you have young children. They look forward to it, they enjoy all the preparations, and they spend endless hours deciding what they’d like from Santa Claus.

And come Christmas Eve, they are bursting with excitement and anticipation and can barely close their eyes to sleep.

One year, we were away for Christmas, staying with my parents in another city. My son was most concerned about this situation because he thought Santa wouldn’t know where he was and, therefore, he’d miss out on his Christmas gifts.

Well, Santa doesn’t work that way. Young Philip had been good all year, so Santa made sure he found him.

And in the early hours of Christmas morning, a happy little boy was keen to reassure his parents that he’d not been forgotten.

Today’s Christmas poem remembers that Christmas long ago. It’s how the memories we cherish are made.

Christmas Poem:

Christmas Poem

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