Does voting make a difference?

DOES VOTING MAKE A DIFFERENCE?Democracy is a fine thing, or so they say. However, does voting make a difference? I mean, a real difference.

I guess the supplementary question is: What do we mean by difference?

For me, making a difference would mean making life better for the majority of people, particularly ordinary working people.

Well, on that definition, in my experience, rarely does voting make any real difference at all.

The rich always seem to do well, but ordinary people just struggle. And that struggle appears to be getting harder, particularly for young people.

The State of Politics:

The current state of politics is not impressive. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Ideas currently being promoted appear to be insane. Certainly, they have nothing to do with improving the lives of the majority.

It seems most politicians are focused on further improving the lives of the wealthy few at the expense of ordinary people.

The Puppet Masters:

And there’s another question that crosses my mind frequently these days. Who is actually in charge?

Is it the elected government, or are there individuals behind the scenes who make the real decisions? I mean, individuals who control and manipulate politicians and events.

Judging by the evidence before us in recent years, you would have to believe there are puppet masters who really pull the strings.

Voting Poems:

So, dear reader, what do you think? Am I wrong?

Well, while you consider that question, here are two original poems that sum up my current view of politics and the voting system.

1. Voting:

Does voting make a difference?

2. The Puppet Masters:

The Puppet Masters

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