Here’s why you should have no regrets

Do you have a dream of doing something that you feel would be right for you?

Perhaps it’s a line of work to which you feel drawn? Yet somehow you’re drifting through life doing something else?

Perhaps you feel that you don’t have the time to master the skills required to pursue this line of work?

Perhaps discouraging comments from other people have put you off trying it at all?

How sad it would be if you were to miss out on your true calling in life, simply because you didn’t have a go.

Your chance to enjoy what you do and make a real difference could be passing you by. You could do it if you really want to do it but only if you try.

Every expert was once a beginner. Every successful man or woman had to begin somewhere. Success begins with the first step.

The trick is to get started. Get started now and one day you could become a success in whatever line of work is currently only a dream for you. It is possible to spend the rest of your life doing something in which you feel truly engaged.

If there is something that you really would like to do then start doing it now. It is better to try and fail than to spend your life wondering what might have been. Don’t risk looking back on your life and thinking you might have been a serious contender in the success stakes if only you’d had a go.

Have no regrets, have a go instead. And it’s never been easier to have a go. For instance, you could start initially by doing whatever it is you dream about in your spare time.

Want to be a writer? What’s stopping you?

Ten years ago you would have had the problem of getting published. Now you can self-publish and sell your work as eBooks on Amazon and other eCommerce sites. Apparently EL James of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fame started out this way. If you’re good enough, eventually people will notice.

Fancy being a rock star? Then get your act together and upload videos of your performances on to YouTube. The British band The Arctic Monkeys started out this way and they have Number 1 albums to their name as proof of their success.

Maybe it’s make-up which fascinates you? Lauren Luke was interested in make-up and she managed to make a name for herself by leveraging the power of YouTube too.

If you have a smartphone or a personal computer then recording a video these days is easy.

Videos for YouTube don’t have to be of the highest quality but if your work is good, it’s amazing how quickly people will notice you and before you know it you could have a following.

So get started; have a go; in your spare time if necessary.

Yes of course you’ll make mistakes. Your efforts in the beginning may be dire or less than impressive. But you’ll learn; you’ll get better; and you’ll hone your craft. And one day maybe you’ll be the best. Believe you can and you will. That’s my motto.

And remember, everyone starts somewhere.

Don’t make excuses; do it now. And don’t let other people discourage you or stand in your way. Ignore negative nellies. They don’t want you to succeed because they’re too scared to have a go at succeeding themselves. So they’d prefer you to stay at their level. However don’t fall for that trick.

As long as you believe you can do it then what others think is not important.

If the door is shut in your face, climb through the window or down the chimney. Never accept any answer unless it’s the one you want.

No one can stop you achieving your dreams, except you. As the saying goes, seize the day! And do it right now. Enjoy your life; do those things you’d really like to do; and leave no room for regrets.

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