Which is most precious your money or your life?

Which is most precious your money or your lifeThere are no pockets in a shroud, so I love to spend and be generous when I can. ~Laura Tenison

In life there are two resources which require careful management. One is our time; the other is our money.

With respect to money, we must take care of it, protect it, manage it carefully and we shouldn’t waste it.

Ideally we should be building wealth and acquiring assets that will generate an income for us.

In that way we create a private income and then what we do with our life depends only on what we want to do with our life. And for me that’s important.

All that said, it’s important not to become obsessed with money.

The quote above from Laura Tenison reminds us that we cannot take our wealth with us when we die.

Clearly Ms Tenison likes to share her good fortune with others. She’s right I think but, as always, it’s about striking a balance.

In creating the maternity clothes retailer JoJo Maman Bebe, Laura Tenison is clearly a smart lady, so my guess is that she will always strike the right balance. So good luck to her.

If success is your goal then I hope the year ahead proves to be very successful for you Dear Reader. It can be, so keep going until you get to where you want to be. However make sure you get the balance right too.

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