When talent matters and when it doesn’t

Potential counts for nothing if it remains unfulfilled. ~Roy Sutton

You can have an enormous amount of talent but so what? It’s not what you have it’s what you do with what you have. If you don’t put your God-given talent to good use then it is simply wasted on you.

Those things at which you are truly exceptional are the basis on which you can really make your mark on life, or not.

It’s your choice. Live your life and make the best use of your talent and intellect or don’t bother.

The world won’t notice if you decide to waste your talent. Your loved ones might notice but the world will carry on regardless.

However use your talent, put it to good use, and the world will notice you.

It will require discipline and dedication of course and a desire to master your craft, whatever that may be.

Still it will be worth it to be recognised as someone who made the best use of what they had and made a difference.

The world doesn’t have enough talented people, so don’t waste yours. Go out there and be the best.

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