Wealth: Why it should matter to you

Wealth: A distant dream?

Have you ever been embarrassed by your limited circumstances? All your friends were going on a night out perhaps but you couldn’t join them because you simply didn’t have the money. You really wanted to join them of course but wealth and financial freedom were nothing but a distant dream for you. Maybe the actual situation for you was different but your sense of embarrassment no less painful and hard to bear.

Jim Rohn tells a story about an event that drove him to take a very close look at his life. Apparently a Girl Scout called at Jim’s house one day selling Girl Scout Cookies as part of an annual fund raiser. In exchange for the cookies all she asked for was two dollars. This was many years ago but even then this was not a huge amount of money. However Jim’s problem at the time was that he didn’t have two dollars to spare so he was reduced to lying to the poor girl. At this point wealth was something Jim had yet to encounter.

Money does matter

Now some people will tell you that money doesn’t matter but it does. In our world today you can no more live without money than you can live without oxygen. How much money you need depends on your preferred lifestyle of course. If you don’t want much out of life then you’ll get by on very little money. However most of us do want more out of life hence wealth does matter.

Wealth and financial freedom

Wealth means financial freedom. Financial freedom in turn means you being able to do what you want whenever you want and not feeling constrained by your circumstances. A worthy aim therefore is to decide what you want out of life and then start working towards building your own wealth.

Recognise you need to change

Have you ever thought to yourself, I don’t want to live like this anymore? Perhaps you said to yourself, I want more out of life? You want more but the problem is you have no idea how to change your circumstances? You need a little help? You’re not alone.

Increase your value

Perhaps you look at your salary each month and think how can I start building wealth when this is all the company pays? Well for a start you need to change your philosophy or the way you look at things. The salary you get maybe all the company pays you but there will be other people who are paid a lot more than you. They’re paid more than you quite simply because they’re more valuable than you.

I’m not suggesting that you’re not valuable. You are; as a father, a mother, a brother, a sister or a friend. However my point reflects your economic value to the business. It is a fact that if you’re in a low skilled job where there is an over-supply of potential replacements for your services then you won’t earn much. That is simply the economics of supply and demand.

However just because you’re not more valuable now doesn’t mean you couldn’t become more valuable. You can increase your skills with a little effort on your part and you can become more valuable. Become more valuable and your income will rise.

So whilst your circumstances may be limited right now they don’t have to remain that way. You can work on yourself; improve yourself. It’s all about personal development.

Success can be yours

Success doesn’t just happen to people. If you asked the Chairman of say General Motors how he got to where he is, his response is unlikely to be, “Well I just showed up for work each day and they just kept promoting me.” No, he worked very hard to get to his lofty position in life. You don’t get anywhere without hard work. However you attract success by the person you become and you can become more than you are now.

Jim Rohn suggests that profits are better than wages and he has a point. Every rags-to-riches story I’ve ever heard always involves someone’s own business. They started their own business, worked very hard and one day they became very rich.

Build a business

Now you’re probably thinking, I don’t have the money to start my own business and I can’t afford to give up my job on a whim. That’s all true I’m sure but some people keep their job initially and start their own business as a part-time enterprise. Jim Rohn himself built his success that way. Jim began life in modest circumstances but went on to become a millionaire and one of the most influential thinkers of our time. And in case you’re wondering, no he didn’t go to university.

It can be done; people do and you can too. Just make up your mind to start working on yourself. Increasing your value and looking for opportunities to solve problems for people. Solving problems is the basis of business. Every product solves a problem for consumers.

The psychology of wealth

There is a psychology linked to the building wealth and you would be wise to understand it. In the video included here, Jim Rohn explains the psychology of wealth and provides a lot of sensible advice. He offers simple messages that are thought-provoking and powerful. This video is well worth your time, so watch it.


Recommendations for your personal library

I think Jim Rohn is one of the best motivational speakers I’ve ever heard. He has produced many books, videos and audio CDs and all of them would add real value to your library. Two I can strongly recommend adding to your personal reference library are:-

Book: Seven Strategies for Wealth & Happiness by Jim Rohn

Audiobook: The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn

I purchased both of these some time ago and I use them constantly as sources of inspiration and motivation. The audiobook I listen to whilst driving which is a good way to use your time profitably. Why listen to the radio when you could be listening and learning whilst you drive?

Purchasing these items represents money well spent for me and I’ve found them enormously useful and of great help.

Click on the links and check them out. Even if you don’t buy them they’re certainly worth considering. So go on check them now whilst it’s fresh in your mind.

That said, you won’t regret buying them; of that I am very confident.

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