The truth about personality

Truth about personalityEveryone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. ~Mark Twain

People are not one dimensional. We all have many sides to our personality. Some of those sides are good and some are not so good.

Most of us have sufficient self-awareness to recognise the least attractive sides to our own personality and we try to keep them hidden. For the most part we’re successful in doing that but we can’t do it all the time.

Occasionally the ugly side of our personality will show itself. We just can’t help it.

When you meet someone new, you’re only likely to see the better sides of their personality initially and you might think, “Oh, they’re really nice.”

However the longer you know someone the more you’ll get a complete picture of the whole person. Only then can you truly know whether you like and/or trust that person or not. Only then can you begin to know the real person, warts and all.

If you really like them then you’ll forgive them their ugly side and accept that no one is perfect.

However if the ugly side is more powerful than the attractive side then you might conclude that this person is not someone you want in your life any more than is necessary.

All of this is just human nature of course, so don’t be too hard on people.

However it’s perfectly reasonable for you to want to avoid someone if they cast a dark shadow on your life. Life is too short to surround yourself with negative people and bad influences.

So accept the truth about personality and take time to get to know people before you form a judgement. Don’t rush into establishing ‘Best friends forever‘ status but equally don’t dismiss people before you really know them.

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