Money and how to get rich

How to get richHow to get rich? A question many ask but real wealth is something few people achieve.

You’ll often hear people say that money doesn’t matter and in some respects they’re right of course. Certainly it’s unwise to make the acquisition of money your obsession at the expense of those things that really matter in life.

A good example of those things that really matter most would be family and friends.

Nevertheless we must all be realistic too. After oxygen, in the modern era few things are more essential to sustaining life than money. Wouldn’t you agree dear reader?

So we must recognise that money is important whether we like it or not.

And if it’s important, how do we ensure that we always have enough money when we need it?

Having a good job is a fine thing of course but a single income stream is like having all your eggs in one basket. Lose your job and suddenly you don’t have an income at all.

The solution to that problem is financial independence.

By that I mean building capital and developing a series of income streams through multiple investments and the acquisition of income-generating assets such as property.

Well that’s easier said than done I can hear you say dear reader. And you’re right.

It isn’t easy of course but neither is it impossible. In fact it’s not quite as difficult as you might imagine. Other people get rich, so why not you?

A good starting point would be to improve your financial education.

It is absolutely essential you improve your knowledge of money and how you can make money work for you.

So where to start? Well one of the best introductory books on the subject has to be Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

This book is a best seller for good reason. Watch the embedded video here and it will introduce you to some of Mr Kiyosaki’s excellent ideas for becoming wealthy.

Build your own small reference library:

I recommend that you purchase your own personal copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, as part of creating your own personal ‘reference library’. Then you can dip in and out of it on a regular basis to educate and inform yourself of all things financial.

You’ll find Robert Kiyosaki’s book on Amazon and you can purchase it now if you just CLICK HERE.

Another great book on wealth:

Another great read for the wannabe financially independent is the classic text Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

This is another book that is absolutely essential reading for any serious student of money.

Despite being written in 1937 this book remains relevant to this day.

Yes it is an old text but it is widely regarded as one of the best books on wealth ever written.

It is still in print today and it is well-respected by students of wealth for very good reason.

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill reveals the money-making secrets of hundreds of America’s most affluent people.

His underlying point is that if you can think like them you can become like them. And this book will provide you with a 13 Step Program to set you on the path to wealth and success.

It’s a magic formula for money making and it never changes.

Think and Grow Rich is available from Amazon and you can buy it now if you just CLICK HERE.


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