If you see a chance, take it

If you want a guarantee buy a toaster. ~Clint Eastwood

There are no guarantees in life. You can’t be certain of anything, other than death and taxes perhaps.

However that’s not a reason for not trying.

You have to try and you have to work at it, whatever it is. If you don’t try you cannot possibly succeed, whereas if you do try then you just might.

As long as there’s a chance then it’s worth having a go.

Success makes you feel ten feet tall, so it’s always worth going for it.

And if you fail then at least you’ll learn some valuable lessons and give yourself a better chance to succeed next time around.

Chase success by all means but don’t expect any certainties. Just enjoy whatever comes your way.

You’ll gain whatever happens, providing you have a go. Not trying is the way to being a loser.

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