Here’s how to make extra money

How to make extra moneyWhere there’s muck there’s brass. ~English Proverb

If you’re short of money and you could use a little extra, what’s the best and quickest way to generate some cash?

How about making money from your old junk? All that clutter filling every available space in your home?

If you’re anything like me dear reader you’ll have accumulated plenty of junk and clutter over the years.

Old toys, bric-a-brac, old vinyl records, CDs and DVDs and so on. They can all be traded for money. Even old clothes can be traded. And if you have anything that offers some antique value then that’s even better.

A classic way to sell your junk and clutter is via a boot sale or yard sale of course but nowadays you can also sell using eBay, Craig’s List and similar websites. The internet makes it even easier to trade your old stuff for cash.

Believe it or not, even old, broken electronic gadgets can be traded to be used by people seeking spare parts which would otherwise be unavailable.

Old cars similarly can be mined for spares and therefore offer a means to make money too.

Then there’s scrap metal; there are plenty of people who make a decent living trading scrap metal.

Have you got a pile of old bricks at the back of your yard or garden?

You have? Then don’t just throw them away as someone might need bricks of that type and they could be prepared to pay you some cash for them.

There has always been money in old junk and clutter for those with a keen eye for hidden value. And there’s always someone, somewhere who might just need what you have but don’t want anymore.

Even dirt offers a money making opportunity. Many people have made fortunes by processing rubbish or waste materials.

Even if it can’t be sold it can be cleaned up for other people, hence there’s always money to be made somewhere.

For instance, houses where someone has sadly passed away will need clearing before they can be sold. Families are often willing to pay someone to clear it for them.

And don’t forget, trading in old junk can be turned into a profitable business.

For instance websites like MusicMagpie make good money trading old DVDs and CDs.

Then there are people who buy old books cheaply and sell them for a profit on Amazon.

And there are people with an eye for hidden value who will go round boot sales or yard sales looking for valuable items being sold cheaply. They will then buy them and resell them on eBay or at auction for profit.

For instance I saw a lady a few months ago who bought a vase for £1 at a boot sale and it was re-sold at auction for £800. Now that’s a decent profit.

As I said earlier, it’s never been easier to sell old junk and clutter on websites like eBay so there’s no excuse for not being able to make some extra cash.

Enterprising people will always find a way to make money and you can too.

Why not you? Why not now? Go for it!

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