How to maintain a successful business

Fotolia_64827472_XS_3For a business to be successful you must have an established base of customers who have some reason to love your business and who will keep coming back because they love your business. It may be the great products and services you have to offer or it may be the exceptional customer service and ease with which they can do business with your company. They may like the personality of your company or they may like the well-trained and polite staff you employ. Whatever it is, you should know what it is. And you should always keep your eye on that ball.

If you’re in business you should always remember what it is that you do that your customers love about your company. Don’t lose sight of that magic ingredient that influences customers to do business with you rather than your competitors. Essentially this is your company’s unique selling proposition (USP). It is the factor that differentiates your business from your competition.

The problem is that many businesses start off by doing one thing really well and this attracts loyal customers. Then before too long they turn into something else without ever having made a deliberate decision to do so. These businesses simply evolve into something else. They lose sight of what their customers considered special about them and in the process they throw away their competitive advantage. And of course once it is lost competitive advantage can be very hard to regain.

The trick is to keep asking this question; what do our customers like about us? Why do they keep coming back? What makes us special? Know the answers and make sure you keep giving your customers what they want. Never allow your business to evolve into something that will alienate your loyal customers.

In fact you should never just allow your business to evolve at all. Any change to your business should be on the basis of a reasoned strategy that offers your customers something more than they are being offered now. Even then you should retain that magic ingredient, if that is what is bringing customers to your door. Happy customers will return again and again; unhappy customers will look elsewhere to meet their needs.

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