How to Get Organized

Get organized - business stress notes, white backgroundWhether you’re an entrepreneur, a business leader or just one of the team, it pays to be organized. If success is your aim, then it cannot be achieved without you being well-organized. Even if you’re willing to plod through life at your current level, being organized will reduce your stress levels and improve your life experiences.

In any job worth having there will always be 1,001 things to do, so you have to work in a systematic way if you’re going to get everything done on time and to the required standard. Now people seem to think that all this is difficult but actually it’s not. In fact if you master just four simple steps you can quickly become a well-organized role model your colleagues will want to follow. And here are those four steps:-

1. Make a List

This one is absolutely essential. You cannot keep everything in your head and hope you won’t forget something. You will, we all do. So better to write it down, ideally is a notebook that is your constant companion. That can of course be an electronic notebook, i.e. your smartphone, it doesn’t have to be the physical variety. Whatever you prefer is fine as long as you record your list.

Actually I always work with two lists; one is my master list, which is all the things I have to do at any given time; and then I have a daily list which contains all the things I plan to do on any given day.

Making lists will help you focus your mind on what needs to be done. And if you write it down it won’t get forgotten.

A key thing to remember here is that many tasks can seem enormous if you’re not careful and that can make them appear to be a bit daunting. The way to get around that is to break big tasks down into a series of smaller tasks.

Remember this; a big task is approached in the same way that you’d eat an elephant; one bite at a time. That way you’ll get through it eventually.

2. Know your priorities

How often do we allow ourselves to be distracted by everything going on around us? A colleague needs this, your boss wants that, and everything is urgent. So you allow yourself to be driven by the expectations of others, rather than focusing on your objectives. It’s a mistake most of us make at times.

The trick is to identify the truly important from the merely urgent. What tasks are important if you are to achieve everything that is expected of you? The tasks that will help you achieve the objectives for which you will be measured?

You must always concentrate on those things that are truly important. It is all about knowing your priorities. You couldn’t possibly do everything at once so you have to start with the things which are the most important.

You start with your highest priority and work down the list through the lesser priorities.

Remember this; the main thing is always to keep the main thing, the main thing.

3. Focus on results

Whether you’re in business for yourself or employed by a company, you are there to deliver results. Business is all about delivering solutions that will solve problems for your customers. Work is all about completing tasks for other people in return for money. We are all paid for doing stuff.

If you’re to be effective, you must be focused on the results expected of you at all times. If you’re painting my house, I will measure you on how well you painted my house, not on how helpful you were to passers-by in the street. Whatever you’re doing, it’s the results that matter most.

Remember this; it is perfectly reasonable to be working to your own agenda. Your success will depend on it.

4. Get your desk organized

How many people work from a desk that is messy and disorganized? Well I must be honest I have been guilty of this particular sin. However good organization always starts with a clear desk where you can work effectively.

This means having a proper filing system. You might choose a paper-based filing system for hard copy, as well as an electronic filing system for email and other soft-copy documents. However even hardcopy these days can be scanned and stored electronically. The advantage of a digital filing system is that it takes up far less space. So if it can be stored electronically then it should be. Space costs money and there is rarely enough of it in a business environment. So an electronic document management system makes a lot of sense.

File everything that needs to be kept; bin anything that really doesn’t need to be kept. And be absolutely ruthless when deciding on what to keep. Ask yourself this question, if I trashed this document what would be the consequences? If not having the document won’t matter then you should trash it.

Beyond the basics

Being disciplined about being organized pays big dividends. If you learn to maintain lists, establish priorities, focus on results and keep your desk organized then that will make you fairly efficient for sure. However going beyond these basic techniques will make you even more productive and efficient.

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