How to Create a Mind Map

Do you know how to create a mind map?

Mind mapping is a useful thinking tool and many readers will probably be familiar with the idea already. Originally developed by Tony Buzan and these days there are some great applications such as iMindMap that will allow you to develop powerful mind maps on your computer.

However you don’t necessarily need fancy technology to create a mind map. A mind map can be developed quite simply using a sheet of paper and a pencil. Which means you can develop one anywhere.

It’s just a matter of brainstorming and then linking your thoughts. And when you’re brainstorming the mind mapping approach can be both simple and effective.

In this video Tracy Gardner explains how to develop a mind map the easy way. If you’re not familiar with developing mind maps then this tutorial is worth watching and I recommend it.


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How to Improve Your Listening Skills: Useful Tips

How good are your listening skills? It seems to me that one problem with communication is that often people don’t really listen to other people. We listen only insofar as we must in order to respond. Whereas we should be listening in order to understand the other person’s point of view and why they feel the way they do. Seek first to understand and then to be understood, as the saying goes.

Effective Communication:

I think our listening skills are absolutely crucial to effective communication. And we can only communicate effectively if we take the time to understand each other properly. If we all understood each other better perhaps the world would have fewer problems. Certainly we’d be better placed to get along with each other.

Listening in quite different to hearing. Hearing just means that we’re aware of external sounds around us. Whereas listening means we take in the those sounds and we process them with our brains. In other words we think carefully about what’s being said  and what it all means before we then respond.

Developing our listening skills and becoming good listeners is a really worthwhile thing to do. It takes practice and it does take time but it can be done and it is worthwhile. I think so anyway.

5 Ways to Improve Listening Skills:

The video I am sharing in this post features sound expert Julian Treasure offering five ways which he believes will help us all to listen better. He offers some excellent tips which will help you improve your listening skills.

Julian Treasure observes that because the cacophony of sound around us is getting louder and louder, essentially we’re losing our listening skills.

It’s just a short but fascinating talk but it shares with us five ways to re-tune our ears for conscious listening, both to other people and the world around us. I think it’s interesting and well worth your time. You will never regret developing good listening skills.


Add a Listening Skills Reference Book to Your Library:

There are some excellent books on the subject of listening skills and one I can recommend is Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston.

This is a fantastic book which offers  plenty of practical tips and techniques you can use in every situation whether it is work or in your personal life. It’s the kind of book that would add real value to your personal reference library. And one you can dip in and out of frequently so you don’t lose touch of what you learn.

This excellent book is available from Amazon, so buy is now whilst it’s fresh in your mind. You can but it if you just CLICK HERE.

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How to Live Passionately

Here is Isabel Allende: speaking about how to live passionately, no matter your age. I thought it was interesting. perhaps you will too.


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How to invest like Warren Buffett

If you want to understand some of the techniques used by a successful investor like Warren Buffett then this tutorial from MoneyWeek is very helpful. I do subscribe to MoneyWeek and I find it packed with useful advice on investment. I gain absolutely nothing by giving them this plug, I just think that this is a really useful tutorial. Recommended viewing if you are interested in money and investment.


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Sell your crap; Pay your debt; Do what you love

A thought-provoking presentation from Adam Baker at TEDxAsheville. We spend out lives collecting stuff we don’t really need and we think it will all make us happy. But does it? Sadly, not. We forget about the things that should matter most to us and we never get around to doing those things that would provide us with great memories in our old age. Memorable moments in our lives involve people and enriching experiences not what we own and have stored in our garage. Adam’s underlying message is sell your crap; pay your debt; and do what you love. It’s hard to argue with his point of view.


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One Life-Changing Class You Never Took

Some wise words from Alexa von Tobel, CEO of, at TEDxWallStreet and her underlying message here is important. Personal finance has such an impact on our lives and yet far too many people fail to take it seriously at all. One of the biggest decisions you can make is to take control of your personal finance and to manage your money with greater care. Take every opportunity to educate yourself on every aspect of personal finance too. Just because you didn’t learn about personal finance at school doesn’t mean you can’t start learning about it now. It’s never too late to get a financial education. Start by buying a decent book on the subject in your local bookstore or on Amazon.


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Think and Grow Rich: The Lost Secret

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich is the classic motivational personal development and self-help textbook for people seeking to improve themselves and their lives. In this video motivational speaker and author Vic Johnson explains the lost “secret” from the book, namely the pyramid of three powerful success principles. Interesting ideas and recommended viewing.


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John Scherer – Quit Your Job and Find Your Work

Some interesting observations from John Scherer at TEDxKrakow. He suggests that you should quit your job and find your work. Essentially he means that you shouldn’t just do anything for a living; you should find work that allows you to be you and make that unique contribution that only you can make. In other words, find work that makes you truly come alive.



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Find Your Passion; Discover Your Future

Some sound advice for young people from Michael Costigan speaking at TEDxYouth. If you can find your passion then you really can discover your future. The most successful people are always doing something for which they feel a true passion. So don’t settle for safe and boring. Seek out the exciting where you can truly make a difference.


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The Money Myth

Jem Bendell explains The Money Myth at TEDxTransmedia 2011. There are some interesting ideas here and it’s worth listening to him, if only to understand a little bit more about the concept of money.


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