Best Books to Read: Self Esteem

book iconWhich is more important, who we are or who we could be? Few people realize their full potential. So it seems that most people potentially could be more than they are now. The problem for a lot of people is that they lack confidence in their own ability. This results from relatively low levels of self-esteem. However it doesn’t have to be that way. With determination, and a better understanding of what it is to be human, we can all improve and achieve the respect of our peers. I firmly believe in educating myself on all aspects of self-esteem, personal development and the human condition. I read anything and everything that will improve my knowledge and provide me with the tools and the tactics for becoming a better me. Through a better insight in what it means to be human I know I can continually improve. That is my aim and it should be yours too. Here are four great books which offer insight on issues relating to self-esteem, self-improvement and personal development. They are all worth purchasing and adding to your own personal resource library to dip in and out of whenever you need a little inspiration. So read my book reviews now:-

rising-strong-by-bren-brown_SmRising StrongBrené Brown

We all stumble occasionally but it’s not what happens, it’s how we respond to what happens. Character is formed when we rise from a fall and have the courage to carry on. In Rising Strong Brené Brown shares stories of bravery and perseverance by various people from teachers to veterans to leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Through these examples she illustrates what can happen when we bounce back from failure and she pinpoints what all success stories have in common.

Rising Strong builds on the theories and principles of Brené Brown’s previous books and sets out how we can pick ourselves back up again after a fall or at least a perceived failure. Such outcomes are inevitable she explains and provide us with valuable lessons from which we can learn a lot.

The book guides the reader through the Rising Strong process, explaining how the framework can be applied to different situations and experiences. In doing so the author is careful to explain that it isn’t a universal solution but I think this a reason why the book will be a valuable resource for those keen on achieving success.

The author provides the questions and the tools for the reader to get curious in order to create a deeper understanding of why we feel what we feel, think what we think and do what we do. However at no time does she try to tell the reader what to think or any conclusions to draw. Brené Brown simply uses the case studies and some of her own anecdotes to show the reader what the process looks like in practice.

In essence Rising Strong is about overcoming difficult times and events with a spirit of integrity by choosing courage over comfort; by choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy; and by choosing to practise the values we hold rather than simply professing them.

I am an admirer of Brené Brown’s work and I find her ideas interesting. For me Rising Strong offers something for everyone and it is a book worth reading. Whether it’s work, business, friendships, family, parenting, your love-life or anything else requiring you to respond strongly, the principles set out in Rising Strong will help you. Understanding these principles will be invaluable to practically everyone.

The Kindle edition of this book would be an excellent addition to your own personal self development library. Highly recommended and you can buy it from Amazon.

If it really sounds interesting then purchase this book now. Click here.

the-crossroads-of-should-and-must-find-and-follow-your-passion-by-elle-luna_SmThe Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your PassionElle Luna

What can I say about this book? Well for a start it offers a practical guide that leaves the reader feeling inspired and keen to make a start. It did that for me anyway. Originally written as a personal manifesto, this visual book helps readers explore their own passions and put life into perspective. Obviously there’s a big difference between living a life driven by other people’s expectations and pursuing your true passion. The underlying point here is that we must pursue our heart’s desire.

The core concept is that there’s a difference between things that you feel you should do, because of societal expectations, and what you must do, because your heart’s telling you to do it. Elle Luna also explores the differences between a job, a career and a calling.

It is a brilliant book full of visuals, bright colours and wise words that will make readers stop what they’re doing and reflect on the real meaning of their work. Life is full of decisions and choices we all must make. Some people are guided by their interests and passions, whilst others are driven by their responsibilities and values. And then there are those people who are driven by what they believe they should be doing. And of course quite often it is a mixture of all of the above. Elle Luna writes that in the myriad of all the choices we are guided either by one or the other; either by what we ‘should’ do or by what we ‘must’ do.

This book is inspiring and engaging from beginning to end. It is a message we’ve heard before about prioritising what you love and making time to do what makes you happy. However it’s concise and it will help readers focus on what is important to them.

It’s also a book that can be read in one sitting, and yet you can go back to it and flick through it over and over again.

It’s a brilliant read, so buy the Kindle edition. You’ll be so glad you did.

This book would be an excellent addition to your own personal self development library. Highly recommended and you can buy it from Amazon.

If you think it sounds interesting then purchase this book now. Click here.

better-than-before-mastering-the-habits-of-our-everyday-lives-by-gretchen-rubin_SmBetter Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday LivesGretchen Rubin

In Better Than Before Gretchen Rubin tackles the critical question: How can we develop good habits and break bad ones? That’s easier said than done of course and something for which most of us would need at least a little help. Well that help is here in Better Than Before.

Whether we want more sleep, to lose weight, to tackle a big project or anything else for that matter, the key to success is in forming lasting habits that will help us achieve our goals. In Better Than Before Rubin lays out practical ways to identify and modify our habits to help us ensure that we develop and stick to new ones. If we want to change anything about our lives, we’ve got to start with the little things, i.e. the habits that shape our everyday.

Better Than Before is filled with insights about the psychology of habit. It offers a better understanding of the nature of habits which should liberate us from destructive habits. Gretchen Rubin provides a fascinating and persuasive thesis but she is also realistic, admitting that no single solution exists. Nevertheless if you need help to overcome bad habits then this thought-provoking book is full of practical advice, tools and strategies on how to build healthier and happier ways of living that will last. Better Than Before will be indispensable for anyone hoping to make changes in their life and overhaul how they behave.

This is an excellent, easy to read book with a pleasing structure. It has lots of ideas which can be adapted to individual circumstances to help you make those small changes of habit which can add up over time. It’s a great way to think about bad habits and how to form new ones.

I recommend you purchase the Kindle edition of this book and add it to your own library of self development resources.

Highly recommended and you can buy it from Amazon. If you think it sounds interesting then you can purchase this book now. Click here.

The Road to Character_SmThe Road to CharacterDavid Brooks

Generally David Brooks work offers readers insightful observations about the nature of the human condition and the character flaws that go with it. He identifies important qualities that elevate a human life from a consuming, self-centred existence to serving something more than itself.

Essentially the theory is, if we understand the flaws then we can work on them and become better people over time. According to Brooks, the path to becoming a better person involves focusing less on what he refers to as “résumé virtues,” such as achieving fame or money, and leaning more toward what he calls “eulogy virtues” that define our personality. Eulogy virtues are traits such as kindness and honesty.

In supporting his arguments Brooks employs some of the world’s greatest leaders as examples, from civil-rights activists A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin to President Dwight Eisenhower. In fact he examines the virtues of eight very different people throughout history, and how they exemplified aspects of their character by which they are remembered.

In The Road to Character Brooks not only reflects on the positive effects of the characteristics identified but he also points out the negative ways in which his examples lived those qualities. This offers the reader a reminder for caution that those traits can cut both ways. The underlying point being that self-knowledge is fundamental to creating character.

In The Road to Character the author affirms beliefs and values which is some ways might appear out of place in the modern age. However civilisation depends on a system of beliefs and values, as they are essential if we are to lead good and decent lives which can provide a role model to future generations.

How will we be remembered if everything that made us what we are is shallow and focused only on self-attainment? What if there is very little to be said about our character; that we end our lives having been little more than efficient, self-obsessed automatons whose only engagement with others was through self-promotion? How do we address these weaknesses and grow as people? It is questions such as these that David brooks attempts to address in The Road to Character.

The Road to Character is an inspiring and interesting read which offers an original take on what makes us human and what we need to become fully rounded as human beings and deserving of being remembered.

The Kindle edition of this book would be an excellent addition to your own self development library.

Highly recommended and you can buy it from Amazon. If you think it sounds interesting then you can purchase this book now. Click here.

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Best Books to Read: Getting Organized

book iconDo you need to get organized? Need a little help and guidance? Well if getting organized is your aim and you’re looking for books to add to your personal reference library then here are three books, the Kindle edition of which I think you should consider purchasing:-

The Personal Efficiency Program_SmThe Personal Efficiency Program: How to Get Organized to Do More Work in Less Time by Kerry Gleeson

If you want to be organized and productive then Kerry Gleeson has an excellent reputation for being a specialist in productivity. This book is well-organised and sets out a methodology for becoming organized and more effective. It details useful ways for getting organized. For example it sets out an office system for dealing with paperwork effectively.

However it is particularly useful and informative in discussing less familiar organizational techniques, such as planning chunks of time to deal with similar tasks, using technology, and establishing routines for maintaining organizational systems.

The strength of this text is in the detail it provides for setting up files and systems and following through on organizational initiatives. In providing examples, this book outlines case histories in re-organizational initiatives. In outlining these cases Kerry Gleeson sets out her basic principles in common sense ways. And when you’ve read about the messes she’s had to correct, I promise you, you won’t feel quite so bad about the current state of your own desk. So if you only buy one, buy this one.

I recommend you add the Kindle edition of this book to your personal reference library. It is available from Amazon. Click here.

Organise Your Life_SmHow to Organize Your Life to Maximize Your Day: Effective Time Management Tips and Ideas to Simplify Your Life by Judith Turnbridge

Do you find yourself swamped with to-do lists you’ve yet to action and unfinished business wherever you look? Would you like to achieve a more stress-free approach to life’s challenges and conflicting priorities? Then this book is for you. If you’ve yet to achieve an efficient approach to your life and work then this book will provide you with lots of useful tips for becoming and staying organized. It’s a simple read, easy to understand and digest, it’s quite entertaining and it’s even funny in parts as well.

Many of the tips are common sense of course but there are plenty of useful tips, particularly the section on morning routines. Getting off to a good start each day is always important if you are to be effective. This book discusses the lives real people live and it considers how time is wasted and what you can do to improve.

Actually in many ways this book is as much about motivation as it is about organisation. And let’s face it, the two subjects do have a link. You can only become a productive, efficiency ninja if you have the motivation and discipline to work at it until you get it right.

It is a great book to dip in and out of and you will find plenty of useful tips you can try. It is clear, easy to understand and it is divided up in such a way that you’ll find what you need easily.

I recommend you add the Kindle edition of this book to your personal reference library. It is available from Amazon. Click here.

Get twice as much done_SmGet Twice as Much Done in Half the Time: 10 Productivity Strategies for Your Office by Isi Dixon

Isi Dixon is a professional organiser who helps people bring order to their offices and their homes, all of which increase productivity, reduce stress and enhance life’s quality. In this book she provides readers with a clear and concise roadmap for achieving productivity in an office environment.

This book is full of useful tips, tricks and tactics to help you go from being a time-wasting, procrastinating, get nothing done kind of guy to becoming a productive, efficiency ninja. Follow the strategies set out in this text and you will get more done and achieve your goals quicker, whilst reducing your stress and anxiety levels in the process.

Time is our most precious resource and today none us have any of it to spare. Yet we clutter our lives with procrastination, bad habits and too much stuff. The result is that we are constantly doing the wrong things at the wrong time and failing to achieve what we set out to achieve. This in turn wastes our potential, as much as our time. Many of us can do better and this book provides useful insight into organizing, planning and prioritizing and it is worth owning your own copy.

I recommend you add the Kindle edition of this book to your personal reference library. It is available from Amazon. Click here.

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