Bill Gates Top 10 Rules For Success

By any measure Bill Gates is a successful man. In fact he is widely regarded as being one of the world’s wealthiest people on this planet.

Despite dropping out of Harvard to pursue his obsession with computers, he went on to become a businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and of course the principal founder of Microsoft.

Along with the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates was a leader in the computer revolution over the past 40 years or so.

There are not many entrepreneurs who would be better known around the world than Bill Gates and even fewer who would be as widely respected.

And having made his fortune he is now the second-most generous philanthropist in America, having given over $28 billion to charity.

All in all Bill Gates is a role model for anyone with a hunger for success. He’s been there and done it, so if he has something to say then we should listen.

Here are his Top 10 Rules for Success and I recommend you watch this video.

Rules for success:

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