6 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

Fotolia_50378128_XS_3In business you should never underestimate the importance of customer service. Providing exceptional levels of customer service is a very good way to differentiate your business from your competition.I will always do business with a company that provides me with good customer service in preference to one which does not; even if I have to pay a little more for the product that I want.

When I buy something I want to be confident that if I have a problem with it then there will be no problem. All the best companies will take a problem like that and deal with it, making my life as easy as possible for the customer and that’s what I want every time.

So if you’re keen to ensure that your business is providing good customer service, what factors do you need to consider? Well you could start with the following:-

  1. Polite, Courteous and Friendly

Your frontline staff will play a huge part in creating good service. If staff are polite, courteous and friendly to me when I walk into a store then we are off to a very good start and I am much more likely to spend my money in that store.

All customers like to be treated with respect and they like to feel valued. Therefore the message your frontline staff need to convey to customers is that they appreciate the importance of the customer and that they recognize that without customers they wouldn’t have a job. Staff must show customers that they understand that they are there to ensure that the customer has a great experience every time.

So you need to recruit staff with the right attitude and personality and you then have to ensure that they are well trained in the customer service values you want to promote within your business. Get it right and your business will do well; get it wrong and your business will struggle.

  1. Caring

Customers must be in no doubt that your frontline staff care about the in-store experience and making sure it is the best possible experience for customers. If staff show me they care about me then I’m much more likely to spend my money buying your products and services. Give me even a hint that your business doesn’t really care and I am likely to leave the store as quickly as possible without spending a penny. I will then checkout your competition. And of course, once you lose a customer it is very difficult to get that customer back again.

  1. Pleasant and helpful

The customer experience is so much better if the sales assistant or store associate is pleasant and helpful. If it all seems like it’s too much trouble for them then I find that a big turn-off. And if it all seems like too much trouble then I will leave without buying anything. Conversely if I sense that people are keen to ensure my needs are met to my complete satisfaction then I will not only spend but I will return again and again

When my son was a small boy I used to walk him to a local store on a Sunday to buy a newspaper. One Sunday my normal store didn’t have my preferred newspaper. So I went to another store further along the same road. The lady in that store was kind, extremely helpful and she made my son feel very special too. From that point on I bought my newspaper in her store. Then I had to walk past my previous store each week but I valued the higher level of service so I was prepared to do that regardless. Result? She gained a customer and the other store lost a customer.

  1. Responsive

When a customer has a problem with a product or is unhappy in some other way then they expect your staff to respond willingly to their needs. They expect your staff to take their complaint seriously and they want it resolved with the minimum of inconvenience to them.

If you fail to take my complaint seriously I will not only be unhappy and unlikely to do business with you again. I will also broadcast my problem and your lack of a proper response on social media. And that can damage your brand and result in even more lost customers.

However get it right and I will sing your praises on social media. Now tell me, which one of those scenarios do you prefer?

  1. Efficient

If I have a problem I expect it to be dealt with efficiently. That means the problem should be resolved completely to my satisfaction, it should be done quickly and of course with the minimum of inconvenience to me.

  1. Prompt

I hate being kept waiting, particularly in queues which are far too long and moving too slowly. I don’t expect to be seen instantly but I am not prepared to wait more than a few minutes. I will leave very quickly if I think it’s all taking longer than it reasonably should.

So you need to get your staffing levels right and you need to ensure that each customer is dealt with promptly. Mess customers around and make them wait too long and you’ll lose them.

That’s my six tips for today. So are these all the qualities your business will need in order to provide good customer service? Probably not but they would represent a good start if you can get them right.

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