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ubran people“I think I’m going to work until I die.” ~Tony Christie

This comment from the singer Tony Christie was made in an article in the British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph. Whether he meant that he wanted to work or that he had no choice but to work is unclear to me now. However his comment does touch on an important point. Far too many people retire from work and then slowly die of boredom and loneliness. Work does have its compensations. It gives your life purpose. You have a reason to get out of bed in the morning and you have routine too. There is a social dimension to work and the benefit of the interaction with colleagues. There are challenges and the pleasure of a job well done. If it’s paid employment then money is a further compensation. Even if the work you are doing is voluntary, then you will still enjoy all the non-financial compensations of having that work and a sense of purpose. When you’re thinking about the end of your career, it doesn’t follow that you have to give up completely. Careful planning is essential. You can keep going, either full-time or part-time, and there is always the opportunity to move from the commercial sector to the voluntary sector. If you’ve had a stressful job in your career role, you could even choose to take on something a little less demanding. Whatever you decide to do; don’t give up completely. Whatever your age; you’ve still got an important contribution to make.

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