Time: Are you making the most of yours?

When you’ve been working hard all day, don’t you find it so easy when you arrive home in the evening, to have a bite to eat and then just sit in front of the television? You just watch whatever’s on offer because it’s your time now, right?

If you’ve worked hard you deserve a rest, surely? Most of all you’ve got a nice television and of course it cost you a lot of money, right? As a result you want to make the most of it, don’t you? Why would you want to waste the money you’d spent on such a fine piece of technology by not using it? In what way would that make any sense?

However have you ever given any serious thought to the real cost of that television to you? I’m not referring to the price tag in the store when you bought it. I’m referring to the opportunity cost of the time wasted. That time could be used much more profitably. Deep down I’m sure you know that don’t you?

How often have you said to people, I’d love earn more money of course I would; I’d love to have a better job but I just don’t have the time to work on improving my knowledge and skills? Do you recognise yourself there?

The simple fact is we all have the same amount of time, 168 hours each week. Successful people recognise that time is a precious resource and they use it wisely. Successful people have a sense of purpose. They know what they want and they have a plan as to how they’ll get it.

Do you have a sense of purpose? Do you know where you’re going? Do you have a clear idea about what it is you want out of life? Perhaps life is something that is just happening to you and you’re going with the flow? Yet you’re not really happy with your life, are you?

Well let me tell you that, if you don’t have a clear sense of direction and your own plan, then you’re destined to be used as part of someone else’s plan but only for as long as you can serve any useful purpose to them. Once you no longer serve any purpose to them you will cease to be part of their plan. And then you’ll be scratching around looking for another way to earn a living. The world can be an unforgiving place, that’s for sure.

Work is just doing stuff for other people in exchange for money. Yet we don’t just get paid for the hour. Our pay is dictated by the value we put into that hour. The more value we can add the more we will earn. And to add more value we must be increasing our knowledge and skills constantly. We reap what we sow. Fail to reap and we cannot sow.

In my experience we get out of life what we put in. The more we put in the more we’ll get out. So how can you get more out of life?

If you’re happy to go through life struggling to make a living then that’s fine, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. Waste as much time as you like.

However if you want more than that then it’s time to start designing the life you want. It’s time to decide where you’re going; what you want out of life; and it’s time to develop a plan. You can be a winner. Anybody can. It just requires some effort of your part and a clear sense of direction.

However if you’re going to be a winner, in addition to a plan, you’ll also need a constant source of inspiration to keep you motivated.

One of my greatest sources of inspiration still is the late Jim Rohn. I love Jim Rohn’s philosophy; I love his presentation style and wit; and I wished I’d stumbled upon him years ago. And despite having sadly now passed on, Jim Rohn has left us with a wonderful legacy of his work and speeches.

In this video he reinforces the message that anybody can. Listen to him and you’ll get a great insight into how you can improve your life and gain more success.

I recommend that you watch this video, it is well worth your time and is essential viewing for anyone keen to improve themselves.

Further Listening:

If you found this video inspiring then you’ll find plenty more videos featuring the late Jim Rohn on YouTube. However you might consider buying one of Jim Rohn’s audiobooks to listen to in your car.

One I can highly recommend is The Art of Exceptional Living.

I bought my own copy a year or so ago and I still listen to it when driving and each time I listen I get something out of it. This audiobook is an exceptional source of inspiration I think.

You can check it out on Amazon if you CLICK HERE.

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