The impact we have on other people

Fotolia_44479260_XS_3Some people cheer up a room by entering it; others by leaving it. We all make an impression on other people, either good or bad. What do you bring to your interactions with colleagues, friends and family? Do you offer encouragement, optimism, kind words and a sense of humour? Alternatively can you only offer pessimism, cynicism and criticism? Do your words offer sugar or vinegar? No one is impressed by a moaner or a doom-and-gloom merchant. No one is impressed by a braggart or a bore. If you can’t say a kind or encouraging word then best not to say anything at all. You’ll catch more flies with sugar than you will with vinegar. Personal charm and a sense of humour will get you a lot further than moaning ever will. Everyone has their own struggle in life so they don’t need to hear you moaning about yours.

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